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Breaking Bad Bubbles

Breaking Bad Bubbles

Research shows that students who feel safe and supported by adults at school are better able to learn. Studies have shown that students who have parents engaged in their school lives are more likely to have:• Higher grades and test scores.• Better student behavior.• Enhanced social skills. In... Read More

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Research shows that students who feel safe and supported by adults at school are better able to learn.

Studies have shown that students who have parents engaged in their school lives are more likely to have:

• Higher grades and test scores.
• Better student behavior.
• Enhanced social skills.

In addition, students who have parents engaged in their school lives are less likely to:

• Smoke cigarettes.
• Drink alcohol/Do drugs.
• Become pregnant.
• Be physically inactive.

But what if their parents arent engaged? 
Who do they model their behavior after?

We would like to put large screen monitors in each of the (7) school districts cafeterias with age-appropriate loop content messaging that is thought-provoking, and inspiring to those who believe that change is possible and the power of good citizenry is a common goal.  Additionally, we would like to add success stories of various activities and announcements that create synergy and dialogue for peer-to-peer behavior modifications.  Everyone can agree that bullying is a huge problem, and with carefully crafted messages being shared it can be a springboard to touch hearts and minds.

We will be working closely with school administrators to select the ideal content, and bring forth the optimum messaging to create a community-centered environment, curtailing senseless violence,  creating a better community where the leaders of tomorrow receive all the support they can so they can grow up to become an individual with a purpose in life, and a brighter future.  We can all agree on one thing, the youth of today will be our future, so please help us provide them with the tools and opportunity to grow and be better individuals by practicing responsibility in daily efforts.

Just Love and Kindness is 100% volunteer-based.
After viewing our website you will understand why this mission is near and dear to our hearts.  Our 1st-year results:
Texarkana Arkansas Police Department
October 16The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wants to give a big thank you to Just Love & Kindness, along with the many sponsors and golfers who contributed to making last month’s event and last evening so amazing!

For those who may not know, Just Love & Kindness was started in loving memory Mr. & Mrs. Klein’s son, Jarod L. Klein. From the tragedy of his death, they looked to make a difference for the youth in our community. Their Missions statement is: To empower youths to unleash their unlimited potential by providing a safe, supportive environment where they can take charge of their lives, learn new, more productive behaviors pursue their dreams and live healthier and happier lives. To that end, they have dedicated time and effort to being involved in the PRIDE Academy

On September 19th, 2020, Just Love & Kindness held a charity golf tournament to honor this commitment, with the proceeds to be donated to the P.R.I.D.E Academy. Many members of the community and businesses supported this event, which was a total success!

Last evening, members of Just Love & Kindness, P.R.I.D.E. Academy, Texarkana Arkansas Police Department, Mayor Allen Brown, members of the Texarkana Arkansas School District along with other members of the community met at Crossties for fellowship and great food provided by JR's Catering Company. It was at this wonderful event that Just Love & Kindness revealed how successful the charity golf tournament had been. Mr. & Mrs. Klein presented Interim Chief Bennett, who created P.R.I.D.E. Academy, with a check for $32,241.00! Needless to say, all of those who were present were stunned by this wonderful amount!

Thank you to Just Love & Kindness, the golfers who took time out to make the tournament, and all the sponsors and volunteers who believed in such an event and made this amazing donation possible!

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Breaking Bad Bubbles

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Breaking Bad Bubbles

Laura Klein, on behalf of

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Breaking the societal bubbles ingrained in kids today is critical. Kids today aren't learning the foundational values of integrity, morals, character, honesty, courage, compassion, at home.

Laura Klein

We always want the best for our children. We are striving to create a better outlook for kids, getting to them before the fact, rather than after the fact. Thank you for your consideration in helping us change impressionable hearts & minds through a thoughtful & impactful media messaging platform.


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