Your Business from a Dream to Reality

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you dreamed about being your own boss? Maybe you spend your days writing down prospective ideas in a notebook you keep by your bed. Maybe you’ve been waiting for new inspiration to hit you. Perhaps you are beyond those initial stages and have a business plan ready and waiting. In whichever case, it is time to complete the next steps: building a team and accumulating funds that will bring your idea to life.

Regardless of your current status in the business-building process, it’s important to be aware of and understand your options. UHelp is a great resource for your business. Our step-by-step marketing plan makes crowdfunding and fundraising a breeze. Packaged with a great customer-service team, our website is easy to use and full of valuable information.

Whether starting a business is your goal or a mere pipe dream, you have considered the possibility. Once you start considering just how possible creating and building a business can be, UHelp becomes your best friend. A crowdfunding campaign may be the puzzle piece you need to bring your business to life.

To all adventure seekers, risk takers and bold, driven entrepreneurs, welcome to the UHelp family. We will be with you every step of the way.

Crowdfunding Campaigns on

Stay Positive and Do It with a Smile

My name is Damion and I own a 9Round franchise in Bloomington, MN. I currently need $7,000 to pay the property taxes. This gym is my passion, helping others achieve their goals. Thank you in advance for your contribution(s).

Goal: $7,000

Be Good to Children Back to School Drive

Over the last 6 years, BGTTC has grown to support 100 children from 5 different schools in L'Artibonite, Haiti. These children would not be able to receive an education without support from generous people like you. Our funding goal is $50,000 for the 2017/2018 school year. Help us change a life!

Goal: $50,000

Plant, Grow & Eat: Promote Food Security

Help us educate and bring neighbors together through community gardens. Your contribution will create small communities that help to reduce crime and improve the quality of life of low-income disadvantaged families, reducing dependency and increasing sustainability.

Goal: $25,000

Books-4-Inmates (B4I) Program

BPCI has provided free books to prison inmates via our "Books-4-Inmates (B4I) Program." As word is spreading throughout the Texas prison systems, requests for books have increased exponentially. We desperately need $5,000 to support this vital project to the end of our 2018 fiscal year.

Goal: $5,000

About the Author: Lianne Hikind is a staff writer for UHelp.

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