YouHelp Gives Nonprofits 10% Paid Advertising

It’s no secret that despite YouHelp offering the same features as our competitors’ sites, we are still one of the newer & smaller crowdfunding platform “brands.” It would also be easy to argue that being the product of our mother site GrantWatch that we have been helping Nonprofits find the funding they need a lot longer than some might be aware of.

We truly understand the difficulties that organizations face when it comes to marketing a fundraising campaign. Even though crowdfunding remains the fastest, easiest and most economical way to begin raising money immediately, where do you go with marketing your campaign once your personal contact well runs dry?

As the YouHelp team put our thoughts together to find a feasible solution, team members were asked to keep one thing in mind and that was our core mission: How can we help nonprofits, businesses, and people raise money?

Once a YouHelp campaign receives its first $5 donation the campaign is then set to “GO LIVE.” What this essentially means is that the campaign will now receive optimization from YouHelp. Besides already receiving a free campaign platform, the campaign creator now receives 6 Weeks of Tips, Free Live Support, Organic Social Media Posts, across all platforms, and the potential to become a YouHelp Featured Campaign.

Tip, Tip

Another fact that we like to remind our campaign managers is that our site is 100% free to use. There is, of course, the credit card processing fee that applies to every donation but remains reliant on the “tips” we’re given by the donors of your campaign. Tipping YouHelp is more than appreciated but never required.

Now we get to the exciting part! As of February 2020, YouHelp is now offering all its nonprofit users 10% back towards social media paid advertising. In other words, Nonprofit organizations will now receive 10% of YouHelp’s tip amounts applied to a paid advertisement on our Instagram & Facebook social media pages promoting their campaign. So, if your donors tip us $10.00, we will use 10% or $1.00 of that amount to promote your campaign.

A blog can’t express our true desire to help you raise money for your cause. Since the beginning of GrantWatch & on to YouHelp, our mission remains to support you in reaching your fundraising goal.

If you would like more information on anything fundraising-related don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 1(888) 240 – 1494. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM-6 PM EST.