Wife of Rabbi and Mother of 4, Revital Hadad – Diagnosed With Lymphoma – Needs Your Help

Young mother, Revital Hadad, gave birth to her fourth child three weeks ago. Shortly after giving birth she didn’t feel well and underwent a battery of medical tests and was diagnosed with cancer – aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with a tumor near her heart.

Mrs. Hadad and her husband, Rabbi Shalom are dynamic, caring, leaders of the Israeli community in Denver, who have devoted their time and energies to “kiruv” – the Hebrew word for bringing people closer to G-d, helping others, strengthening the communities they live in, and helping people less fortunate to meet their needs.

Having recently moved from Ocean City, Maryland, they were hired to set up an Israeli synagogue and outreach program for the thousands of Israelis in Denver with no synagogue or religious services, through the Israel Experience and Achdut Israel. Organization leaders express their admiration for the Hadads and their work.

“They have gone above and beyond. They turned their house into both a synagogue and a place where their community is welcome for meals, classes and inspiration.”

Shortly before her diagnosis, her husband, Rabbi Shalom Hadad, said in a speech at a Chanukah event, “On Chanukah, we spin the Sivivon, (dreidel/top). When a person spins the top, he doesn’t see what’s written on it. What is written on the Sivivon? ‘A great miracle happened here – there.’

A human being, during the course of life, is like a spinning top (Sivivon). He goes around and around during his life, at work, with his children, everything revolves and spins around very quickly and he doesn’t have a chance to enjoy it, then suddenly, when he has a small crisis, a fall, he suddenly can see what’s written.., ‘A great miracle happened here-there.’

In essence, in life, we have a lot of miracles. We don’t pay attention to them – our children, our families, our livelihood – when do we actually stop for a moment and take the time to contemplate what’s written, a great miracle happened here?”  Rabbi Hadad told all present to look inside and appreciate all we have, not knowing that his family was about to face a huge crisis.

“Revital and I have totally devoted our life for the community. She gives people everything she has,” said Rabbi Hadad. “The illness makes her very weak. She’s going to need a lot of treatment. We try to be positive.” She will need chemotherapy and radiation, as well as expensive medication not covered by insurance.

The Hadad’s have touched the hearts of thousands, and pleas are going out from Denver, Maryland and other communities.

“I write these lines to plead with you on behalf of a remarkable woman, Mrs. Rivkah (Revital) Hadad, a young mother of four small children. She, together with her husband Rabbi Shalom, have opened their hearts and home to the Israeli community here in Denver. With their remarkable warmth, generosity and sincerity of spirit, they are bringing Yidden (Jewish people) closer to Mitzvos (doing good deeds) and service of Hashem Yisborach, (G-d, May He be Blessed)” wrote Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg leader of Congregation Zera Abraham.

“They are a wonderful family, committed to helping others. Rabbi Hadad is practically paralyzed caring for their children while his wife is in the hospital. They have medical expenses and need help. They have opened their home to the Israeli community and are still running a synagogue with everything going on. I urge everyone to help this family, to help Mrs. Revital Hadad with her medical expenses and to pray for Rivkah bat Ester for a quick and full recovery,” said Rabbi Raphael Leban and Rabbi A. Y. Wasserman of the Jewish Experience.

The Hadads moved to the U.S.A.. from Israel seven years ago.  Prior to moving to Ocean City, they lived in San Jose and Los Angeles, California.

A campaign has been set up to raise money for medical expenses and the family’s needs. “Tzedaka, charity, is called the way of G-d and lets us partner with the Holy One in sustaining the world. Donations can be made through, https://www.youhelp.com/young-mother-of-4-diagnosed-w-lymphoma.” The family and community ask that people please donate, pray and share this information with others. 

Further letters from other community spiritual leaders can be viewed on www.helphadadfamily.blogspot.com.

About the Author: The author is a staff writer for YouHelp.com.