When Show Must Go, Crowdfunding Provides Financial Backing For Young Filmmakers

A group of young filmmakers just out of college aren’t about to pass time waiting tables or taking on other food service jobs assuming their big break will fall into their laps. Instead, they’ve begun working in New York City on a movie called “Magnetic Deviation,” and they are banking on crowdfunding to raise enough cash to cover the cost of producing the short film.

After watching previous attempts to release a movie fall short because of funding issues, Daniel Kirby, a writer/actor, is excited to be working on “Magnetic Deviation.” Filmed in Crown Heights, the movie is about two friends facing their last days of employment at a warehouse.

Libby Hikind, founder and CEO of the crowdfunding website YouHelp.com, said filmmakers face the same obstacles as small business owners and start-up nonprofits looking to get started with limited funds. The good news is that crowdfunding on YouHelp provides a free way to raise money for the arts, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small businesses across all industries.

Crowdfunding pitches are very much like applying for a grant or business loan. Reasons for producing the movie, rather than what it is about, should be conveyed to an online audience that would most likely want the film to be successful. If the objective resonates, donors and, perhaps, foundations will pledge small amounts of money that will add up to a lot of money. “Veronica Mars” raised more than $5.7 million dollars from 91.5K backers and remains one of the most successful crowdfunded films to date.

Before filmmakers launch their crowdfunding campaigns, Hikind encourages them to read the fine print. Crowdfunding websites including Kickstarter (5% fee) and Indiegogo (5% fee) charge campaign fees. And, if a project does not reach or exceed its funding goal, the campaign does not receive any money.

Unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with YouHelp (0% fees) you get immediate access to your funds no matter if you meet or exceed your goal The money your campaign raises is immediately deposited into the campaigns account.

In the process of gaining financial backing, crowdfunding campaigns can also serve as a stage for filmmakers to preview their movies to fans, and offer incentives including tickets to the premiere and names in credits, t-shirts, and DVDs to reward contributors.

Sarah Boneysteele, the producer of “Magnetic Deviation,” said the movie’s marketing team has distributed blu-rays of the film and signed posters and scripts. Crowdfunding also allows donors to feel like they’re a part of the project. Boneysteele said she is already hearing a buzz about the movie beyond friends and family.

YouHelp.com offers the best in crowdfunding capabilities to nonprofits, businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, and people in need who want to raise money for their cause. The process is simple: set your fundraising goal, and write a compelling ask for money, upload the campaign image and launch. If your campaign is worthwhile and you do the work to share out your campaign to a wide crowd of people who will care about your cause through social media, email marketing, WhatsApp, press releases and text messages people will contribute.

About the Author: Staff Writer for YouHelp