What Is A UHelp Mentorship Appointment

Are you tired of launching fundraisers without help? Do you lack the marketing skills necessary for fundraising success? Does it feel like no one wants to donate anymore? When is the last time a crowdfunding expert picked up the phone and asked if you needed help? The only thing standing between you and a successful campaign is the absence of a mentor, an expert in marketing and fundraising who knows the ins and outs of crowdfunding—someone to explain right from wrong, give you advice for your unique needs and provide services free of charge (you’re trying to raise money, not lose it). You can’t find a crowdfunding mentor on GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. So, where do you turn? UHelp.com.

UHelp, the crowdfunding platform, provides three free 45-minute Mentorship appointments per campaign as part of a strategically designed marketing plan for driving campaign success. Our free marketing plan provides Campaign Organizers daily tasks that will secure visibility and engagement through inner circle support and online network publicity. Your mentor will walk you through the best methods of social media marketing and how to use creative content to gain support for your campaign.

These mentorship appointments take place during the first 30 days of your campaign and are conducted on the phone or online using Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or any other platform that you and your campaign team are most comfortable with. Schedule your UHelp Mentorship appointments on Day 2 of the marketing plan. Save your reserved appointment dates and times and share them with your Campaign Team; it’s best to have everyone involved during the UHelp Mentorship call, as your members may have inquiries that you’re not aware of.

During your UHelp Mentorship appointments, you will speak with one of our expert crowdfunding specialists to review and analyze your campaign. Together, you will discuss the progress of your UHelp campaign, define methods to optimize its visibility and alternative methods for gaining support and reaching your funding goal. UHelp Mentorship appointments are a key component in our marketing plan; they give your campaign the best possible chance to reach its funding goal by providing Campaign Organizers with a resource to discuss their daily efforts and campaign progress as well as receive advice to continue campaign success.

5 Sample Questions to Ask Your UHelp Crowdfunding Mentor

1. Is the wording of my campaign the best that it can be?

2. How do I promote my campaign on social media networks?

3. What should I say when asking my friends and family for donations?

4. Can you give me guidance on how to compose a press release for my campaign? 

5. Is there anything I should change about the way I am publicizing my campaign? 

These are just a few examples of questions that will help you prepare for your appointment. Your UHelp Mentor will know just what to ask you and what information you need. If you haven’t launched a campaign already, get started by signing up here. Our expert UHelp Crowdfunding Mentors are here to help you every step of the way.

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About the Author: Staff Writer for UHelp