What is Social Media?

Social Media platforms are websites and applications that allow people to connect and share information in real-time. There are billions of people on many different social medias. In Social Media, you can share images, opinions, events, and more to people who you choose to connect with.

YouHelp requires you to submit a social media platform as part of your campaign so we can confirm your identity as well as give the campaign a real human touch.

The top social media platforms that we currently accept are:


  • Facebook is a social network where users can post, comment, and share content, among friends and family. You can meet new people by joining groups and you can watch live videos. Facebook is by far the #1 social media network in the world.


  • Instagram is a social network focused on images. You can only post, comment, and share images along with text. Instagram is owned by Facebook.


  • Twitter is a social network where people share short messages. Twitter purposely created its platform with a text length limit so that when people are browsing on twitter they can quickly read the tweets.


  • LinkedIn is a social network focused on professionals. You can find companies and working professionals socializing and creating, commenting, and sharing professional content.

Social media can do so much for you in the 21st century. You can connect with people, watch entertaining videos, share exciting news, watch live events, and so much more. Social Media is integral to the success of your YouHelp campaign. YouHelp harnesses the power of social media to reach people for your YouHelp campaign.

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About the Author: The author is a staff writer for YouHelp.com