Uhelpfund Responds to Crowdfunders

We previously wrote UHelp Frequently Asked Questions to answer some of your crowdfunding questions. Crowdfunders have asked us some additional questions so here are the answers!

3) How long do I have to wait before contributions come in?

That depends on how well you promote yourself. In order to reach out to a wider audience, utilize social media together with public relations tools, like press releases. Once you hit the Go Live button, your project has 90 days to reach your monetary goal.

But, if your project is not complete with all the requirements, especially the campaign description, we will be unable to make it live on UHelp. Remember to make all adjustments the crowdfunding mentor requests of you, ASAP.  The clock on your 90 days or whatever amount of days you choose will start ticking when you hit the Go Live button and it will not be Live (without all the requirements).

4) What are the fees associated with UHelp?

This is a great question. In keeping with our competitors we are giving you the best possible rates. UHelp will only charge a platform usage rate of 5% of collected contributions after the project closes. Bank processing fees account for an additional 2.9% and $0.30 charge per contribution .

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5) Should I choose fixed or flexible funding?

There is an option to have your funding project or campaign at UHelp be flexible or fixed. We advise using the flexible setting because you will be able to retain whatever you raised if you did not meet your full goal. If, however, you choose fixed and do not meet your funding goal, the money will be returned to the contributors. Fixed is used when the project cannot be completed with the full amount of money.

Be Proactive!

We hope we’ve answered some of your questions about UHelp. Remember to post your campaign to your social media feeds regularly by utilizing the option on UHelp’s homepage. Also, email your contacts on a weekly basis to remind them of your project. Send out press releases to local newspapers and TV stations about your campaign. With a crowdfunding campaign, you get what you put it. So, it is not something to be forgotten. Be proactive!