UHelp Fundraisers for All Things Fashion

Whether you’re a non-profit organization hosting a fashion show or an aspiring designer moving your sketches to mannequins, UHelp is your top destination for fashion funding! Launching a campaign on UHelp will not only help you raise funding, but also help you gain publicity.

Money is usually the first roadblock you encounter in your fashion projects. For example, let’s say you’re hosting a fashion show to raise money for a charity. Fashion events come with a hefty price tag, considering the essentials: venue, models, lighting and music/sound equipment, props, staff members (emcees, photographers, security, etc.) and the fashion itself. If you don’t have the funds to hold the show, start a UHelp fundraiser! On your campaign page, explain why you are requesting donations, how the funding will be put to use and who will benefit from the donors’ contributions. Once your donations roll in, you will be relieved of the extensive costs, allowing you to follow through with your plan of action.

Funding is a substantial obstacle for designers as well. Transforming your designs from sketches on paper into actual garments means paying for equipment, supplies, production staff, potential interns, social media gurus, etc. Don’t have a few thousand dollars lying around? UHelp fundraisers come in clutch. (Get it?) Set aside your concern with costs and let your fundraiser take over!

After monetary security, publicity is the key to flourishing design startups and successful fashion events. Include pictures and details of your upcoming event or company in your fundraiser to gain considerable publicity. Getting the project’s name into the public’s eye is essential  to having an effective fundraiser, a successful event/startup and an expansive longevity.

Pro Tip: Most fundraisers are raising money for immediate action; people are more likely to contribute to an upcoming project than to a long-term proposal.

About the Author: Lauren Thomas is a summer intern for UHelp and GrantWatch and an up-and-coming fashion designer.