The Second Circle of Success

The Second Circle of Success: Your Community

Congratulations! You’ve boosted your crowdfunding project past the first circle of success! You are ready to crowdfund your project to the Second Circle of Success: Your Community.

The potential supporters of your community are important to the success of your crowdfunding project

  1. For financial support; and
  2. To provide traction and credibility when your project extends to digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Googleplus,YouTube, and much more!

Now it is time to start crowdfunding your community.  You need to focus on building rapport, establishing trust, and conveying momentum to potential supporters. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can inspire people in your community to donate to your crowdfunding project!

How to Lay the Foundation of Your Second Circle

Imagine the second circle of your success as an airport runway. Your community is where you pick up as much speed as possible in order for your project to stay afloat during the final phases of your crowdfunding campaign. Before you lift off, you want to make sure your project will soar! As your community is comprised of acquaintances and strangers, you should continue to use previous networking strategies from the first circle, while incorporating new promotional techniques to obtain greater outreach for your crowdfunding project.

Begin Your Story

Give them a story! The second circle of success involves telling a great story to people who do not know what you are about. Your project will speak for itself, when you provide images and videos. If you don’t know how to begin telling the story of your crowdfunding project, stick to the basics. Give people the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of your project. Include your passion and convey emotion within your story.

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Utilize Your Email List

Up to this point in your crowdfunding campaign, you have utilized only a small portion of your email contacts, namely your friends and relatives. Now you are ready to maximize your entire list of email contacts. The majority of this list may include professors, classmates, co-workers, and all other professionals and acquaintances in your personal and professional environment.

Do not jump the gun to start blasting emails at these contacts! You must segment this list into manageable portions so that you may customize to each individual. Send 10 – 15 personalized emails to these people in your community every day or week, depending on the time you can allot in your schedule for this task. It is important to send these emails with care because you want to convince them to donate, but you do not want them to feel like a number on your list.

Scale Your Social Media

You remember all of those email addresses you sent to? Upload them to Facebook! Facebook automatically takes these email addresses you upload and finds each of their corresponding Facebook accounts for you! You may take a list of up to 100 emails a day and input them into your Find Friends tab from a .CSV file of the original email addresses. This saves you a lot of time in searching for all of your potential supporters, it builds your social media followers and credibility, and it allows your community to easily share your social media posts and promotions to more people, leading toward the final (third circle) of successful crowdfunding.

Join groups on Facebook, too! There are many individuals and groups online who share your crowdfunding interests. You need to join these groups to enable your posts to reach more followers! Once you have upscaled your Facebook platform, you will be ready to strategize your advancement to the remaining social media platforms.

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In Conclusion

The second circle of your crowdfunding project sets the pace for the rest of your campaign. Reach out to your community and build your online presence. This stage is not entirely about financial support, though every contribution is a bonus! This circle is about building your Facebook following, optimizing your email list, and beginning to tell your story. Once you have built the traction and credibility you need from this circle of success, you will be ready to crowdfund your project to the world!