The Importance of a Campaign Team: “Stay Positive and Do It with a Smile”

Congratulations to the team behind “Stay Positive and Do It with a Smile” on the excellent progress they have made with their crowdfunding project!

The campaign is raising funds for 9Round Bloomington, a gym in Minnesota, owned and operated by Damion, an energetic and dedicated man who currently needs funding to pay the gym’s back taxes.

In the first two weeks, their campaign raised $1,700.

UHelp provides a six-week, 30-day marketing program for every campaign. Day-one is where you start formulating a supportive campaign team.

We spoke with Amanda Otting, the organizer behind “Stay Positive and Do It with a Smile,” regarding the campaign’s progress. Amanda has some advice for attaining fundraising success by following the marketing plan, especially the steps outlined in day one.

Have you been using UHelp's marketing plan?

We have used portions of the marketing plan. There are many valuable suggestions and steps involved in the marketing plan that we have not yet had the time to implement. Although we have only used parts of the plan, we have found success in the structure and steps including social media. 

Do you have a campaign team that helps you promote the campaign?

Team members have been a large influence. Our goal is to expand the team to build a larger social media base and demographic, providing more campaign exposure to those team members’ contacts. The positivity for the campaign has supported the measures taken to build the team. It is a work in progress.

Currently, most of our donors are friends or members of the gym. It will take some creativity to really spread the word past social media. That is why we believe adding members to the campaign team will open routes to different groups of people.  

What marketing techniques have you been using to spread the word about your campaign?

We have been posting and re-posting on Facebook and other social media sites. Adding other team members to do the same thing has helped significantly. We have also printed the campaign information and posted it inside the gym to make members aware of the need for the business. The gym is very important to many, if not all, members and it has been well received. 

What advice would you offer other UHelp campaigns trying to raise a lot of money in a short period of time? 

We suggest following the UHelp marketing plan as much as you think it applies to or fits the goals of your campaign.

Utilize UHelp’s support because it is so easily given! Post, post and re-post your information on social media and ask your friends and supporters to do the same—build your campaign network as much as possible. The more people that know about your campaign, the more donations you will draw in.  

What makes Damion different from other gym owners?

Damion is 34 years young. He has many loyal gym members and membership continues to increase each week. Aside from this tax situation with the property managers, he has been successfully running his company Smalls Co. and operating the 9Round franchise for close to a year. Damion is a new small-business owner and has built many influential relationships in the area. 

From a member’s perspective, Damion puts his passion into each thing he does at the gym, from training to marketing to general task operating. He actively engages with his members and builds relationships with every single person that walks in. He knows the ins and outs of his business and updates members on healthy techniques that they can employ in the gym and at home. 

He puts his everything into his members and spends countless hours at the gym. Currently, he spends his breaks running the business by marketing outside of the gym, organizing events for members and completing general operating tasks. His members love him and enjoy their time at the gym most when he is there. 

What advice would Damion give other entrepreneurs?

“I would say you have to be passionate about what you do. If you want to be treated a certain way, treat others in that same manner. Without that, it will be hard to get people to promote you positively. I think that's what we have here at 9Round, because our members know us as if we’re family.” 

You can donate to Amanda’s crowdfunding campaign for Damion and the 9Round gym on their UHelp campaign page. Start your own digital fundraiser with UHelp to receive a free marketing program and expert advice on running your campaign.

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is a Copy Editor for UHelp.