The Hashtag

Some of you may not know what I mean by “The Hashtag.” The hashtag used to be known as “the number sign” or “the pound sign.” Today, typing it into social media platforms indexes words. This makes it easier for users to find subject matter.  At UHelp, we suggest using hashtags when tweeting. This could help promote your campaign to a wider audience. 

How Do You Use a Hashtag?

July14 was Bastille Day. So, under your Twitter Trends, you would have found #BastilleDay. This meant that a large number of people were assigning their tweets the hashtag. If you were to click on the hashtag, you would see all the tweets that assigned themselves the same way. Hashtags are a tremendous tool. Using them often could help grow followers. Facebook and other social media platforms implement hashtags, too.  

How to Form a Good Hashtag:

Let’s say you’re in the position to create a hashtag. It’s a great way to promote your crowdfunding campaign and a great way to index all your posts on the subject. This way, you can keep track of when you previously posted your campaign or sent reminder posts.

1) Keep it Short

First, the hashtag should be short. We don’t want a lengthy hashtag because their purpose is to abbreviate a cause. For instance, #UHelpCrowdfundingForNonprofitsBusinessesandIndividuals is too long of a hashtag. Something more along the lines of #UHelp or #crowdfunding alone would be better. Think of a hashtag as 1-2 short words.

Microsoft Store

2) Keep it Relevant

Second, the hashtag should be relevant. People may find it hard to understand it if, on a Tuesday, you use the hashtag #FridayFeeling. For instance, if your campaign is about raising money for a technological prototype, a relevant hashtag maybe #technology. Your hashtag must go along with the content of your post or tweet.

3) Make it Actionable

Lastly, and most importantly, make your hashtag actionable. This type of hashtag can turn into a phrase associated with your campaign. An actionable hashtag calls to action for contributors to open their pockets. For example, an actionable hashtag is #GiveTheNameofYourCampaign.


So, if you’re sitting down to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, think about what we’ve discussed and then create your very own hashtag for your UHelp crowdfunding campaign. Remember to use it every time you post. We highly advise using the paid options on social media platforms to display your post to targeted audiences beyond your group of friends or connections. On Facebook, this is called boosting a post. On Twitter it is called promoting a tweet. For questions on how to share your campaign on social media, call UHelp at (888) 240-1494.