The Great Give – Fundraising Day for Florida Nonprofits

While researching this year’s Palm Beach and Martin counties annual “The Great Give” event, we found that many more counties across the country are hosting them as well.

The Great Give operates like a crowdfunding campaign matching day, kind of like “GivingTuesday.” The goal of the Great Give is to raise as much money as possible for as many local nonprofits as possible in just one short, defined time period. The date is planned in advance for nonprofits and their volunteers to plan events and activities in advance to correspond with the date planned for the regional event. It is open to the public, to anyone with a credit card and access to the internet or a telephone.

The Great Give Florida Day will be held from midnight to midnight on April 24th this year.  This will be the sixth year for Palm Beach County to host the event. The event, led by the United Way of Palm Beach County and United Way of Martin County is designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in a single day in order to bring greater awareness, publicity, and support to the great work they do. The United Way of Palm Beach County is serving as the fiscal agent on behalf of the host partners.

This year’s event is using the social media hashtag – #GreatGive424. 

All registered nonprofits in these counties that are 501(c)(3), IRS compliant, are eligible to become a part of this amazing event. The minimum donation accepted per donor is $20. This donation is compounded by an additional percentage of the bonus pool that is raised by the Palm Beach Community Foundation.

Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

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