Ten Creative Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofit Organizations

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Ten Creative Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofit Organizations

Raising money is one of the biggest challenges for a nonprofit organization. They want to focus on creating change in the world, but they need funds to operate and keep up with consumer demand.

Top 10 Creative Fundraising Ideas

We compiled this list of the top 10 creative fundraising ideas to help your nonprofit organization raise money and engage your donors.

  1. Host a Donation Movie Night:
    Who doesn’t love watching a good movie with a bag of popcorn and a soft drink? Host a Donation Movie Night by renting a projector and screen, and playing a movie at the park. Offer bags of popcorn and soft drinks for a few bucks each, and you’re on your way to making money!
  2. Campfire & S’mores:
    Host a campfire and S’mores night. Everyone loves to roast a marshmallow on a campfire. It’s the perfect event for a chilly night. Charge a fee for a S’mores kit (2 Graham Crackers, 1 Hershey bar, 2 Marshmallows, a skewer) Toasty fun for everyone!
  3. Kids Spring Scavenger Hunt:
    Host a kids’ spring scavenger hunt. Hide eggs around the park with goodies inside for the kids to find! The parents will also have fun helping their little ones discover the eggs. Charge an admission fee.
  4. Carnival:
    Host a carnival at any time during the year. Call it Fall Fest or Summer Nights. Hire a few rides, invite food vendors, and hire a few live performers. It’s fun for all ages! Charge an admission fee and food vendor fee.
  5. Charity Auctions:
    Host a charity auction. Find people who want to donate their items for the auction. Offer a one day walk through with food and drinks.
  6. Sell Custom T-Shirts:
    Add your nonprofit organization logo to a t-shirt or host a creative t-shirt contest and have your nonprofit fans vote on the shirt. Sell the shirts.
  7. Talent Show:
    Host a community talent show. Rent a space (or ask someone to donate the space) and charge an admission fee. Also, ask businesses to sponsor your event for a small sponsor fee. Display the business logos on marketing materials.
  8. Travel Raffle:
    Host a raffle to win a 5-day cruise to your favorite destination! Charge a small fee per entry.
  9. 5K Walk or Run:
    Host a 5K Walk or Run for your cause. Raise funds by finding sponsors for your run. Also, charge an entry fee to enter the race and give shirts to anyone who signs up.
  10. YouHelp Crowdfunding:
    YouHelp.com is a popular fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations. The process is simple: decide on your goal, write a compelling message, and garner initial support (contributors) excited about your fundraiser and committed to sharing it out on their social media — and launch. When you share your campaign on social media, if the idea is deserving, people will pledge their support. Create your free crowdfunding campaign today! 

About the Author: The author is a staff writer at YouHelp