Is There a Perfect Time for a Crowdfunding Campaign?

As a crowdfunding coach, I am asked this question many times by my campaign leaders. For us to explore this issue, is there a perfect time for a crowdfunding campaign, I would like to go a bit deeper into the general fundamentals of what we call good timing.

Is good timing pure luck or is there some type of science that one can actually figure out and plot the timing to their advantage? Perhaps the answer is that most probably it’s a mixture of both luck and preparation.

In the 2006 Action-Packed Movie 300, Gerald Butler Plays Leonidas, King of Sparta.

Really a great flick if you haven’t seen it yet. I suggest you catch it on There is one scene that stands out in my mind that best describes perfect timing. In the film, Leonidas holds his men back while being attacked by a thunderstorm of oncoming shooting arrows.

Is There a Perfect Time For a Crowdfunding Campaign? As a  crowdfunding coach, I am asked this question many times by my campaign leaders

I remember sitting in shock not understanding why he is leading his army in this seemingly careless way. A few more seconds go by and he continues to hold them saying, ”wait, wait not yet,” and then as the enemy gets too close to retreat he stands up and screams, ”ATTACK,” unleashing a massive counterattack to the likes they have never experienced before.

The truth of the matter is a crowdfunding leader can learn a lot from this story. The first aspect is the element of preparation. Like any project the more preparation the better. The elements that go into proper preparation are the following:

Building a Well-Trained, Highly Functioning Fundraising Team.

This team should be dedicated, properly educated in raising money online, and have the drive to surpass your campaign goals. They have to engage heavily with their online friends and show interest in other people’s online projects. They must built up an online friendship by liking, commenting with positive thoughts, and sharing other friend’s ideas and campaigns.

The Second Element Is to Have Proper Management in Place to Make Sure the Campaign Is Going More or Less as Planned.

Management will have to make sure they have whatever the team needs in order to reach their goals. The crowdfunding manager must be held accountable for the team members reaching their goals.

Finally, You Have a Capable Social Media Team in Place. Your Social Media Team Has to Know How to Create and Evaluate Exciting Social Media Posts.

Knowledge of how to differentiate between LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter audiences will be crucial. They need to know how to build up an exciting social media environment that articulates the crystal clear message of the importance of your nonprofit. Experience with promoting why and how online donations directly impact them and how they enable them to do more good are advantageous.

Is There a Perfect Time For a Crowdfunding Campaign? As a  crowdfunding coach, I am asked this question many times by my campaign leaders

Once All This Preparation Is in Place the Campaign Leader Has to Wait for the Wave.

Just like surfers wait for the right wave to surf, the same theory applies to crowdfunding. Watch the news cycles and wait for the perfect timing. When a story hits the news outlets that are taking your community for an emotional ride, use that flow of energy as a source to launch your nonprofit along with it.

Look for Ways to Post on Your Facebook Page Content That Links Your Organization to the Viral News Story in a Positive Way!

Try to think of something out of the box that you can use as a hook onto this free forward motion.

Is There a Perfect Time For a Crowdfunding Campaign? As a  crowdfunding coach, I am asked this question many times by my campaign leaders

One other important time that is usually important to consider as well as during the holidays. It is a known fact that giving comes from the emotion of love. When love is in the air then so is giving.

As a Campaign Leader, Another Way to Catch a Wave Is Waiting for the Wave of Optimism.

Try to become sensitive to the general economic thermostat in your community. Having your finger on the economic pulse will help you navigate your campaign into the most optimistic social regions. For example, if real estate is starting to boom in your neighborhood, focus on anyone that works in that industry. This will include real estate agents, mortgage banks, and home developers. When things are flowing, make sure they are flowing in your charity’s direction!

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Hot Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

Produce Marketing Content That Explains Your Mission With Intense Clarity

Many nonprofits have trouble defining their exact mission. They want to help so many people and places they feel that if they focus their work in a specific area they will be limiting themselves. The truth of the matter is exactly the opposite. Show donors your mission and how you are accomplishing your mission. This allows the donors to understand your mission better and eventually grow it together. Make sure your nonprofit’s mission is crystal clear. Defining your mission into exact terms allows donors the ability to decide if this mission is in line with where they are looking to donate. When a nonprofit brands itself clearly, it allows the donor to then make a judgment of whether or not this mission is what they are looking for. We have some hot social media tips for nonprofits that will affect how well your social media performs.

Building a Trusting Relationship With Your Nonprofit is Our Most Important Tip for Social Media

Just like in a family, trust is the most important ingredient. Every relationship is primarily dependent on trust. Take for example purchasing a new home appliance. You have specific needs for your home. You narrow down your search to three options. One of the first and foremost interests is the level of trust in the brand you are considering. Next, you contemplate the level of trust you have for the store you are buying it from. The same is true for nonprofits. Donors have to come to trust you. Donors want to trust that you will do exactly what you said: maximize the good with their hard-earned money.

One of the easiest ways that your nonprofit can build trust with your future donors is by showing the impact of your work in the past. I once flew an entire family to a fundraising event just so the potential donors will trust the work that our organization was doing.

Create a Resonating Social Media Message

Many people donate because your cause resonates with them. Let’s try to understand what that means exactly. That means that when you tell the story of your cause, the donor automatically identifies with the pain of the situation you are trying to help. In order to get to this place of emotional identity, you have to create media content that articulates those feelings in a very real way. This is easier said than done, but there are ways you can accomplish this even on a shoestring marketing budget.

Developing Something Bigger Than Yourself

People have a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They are looking to join leaders who are motivated by a glorious idea. When the work is not about you but about a much bigger picture, it allows donors to join and become one with the cause. Showing donors that your nonprofit is simply an expression of a much bigger idea will connect you with donors that appreciate that idea.

Create Remarkable Content to Draw a Following on Social Media Using Our Hot Tips

With over 800 million posts on social media per day, the only way your content will be seen is if you create content that is remarkable. This hot social media tip is so important in 2021. People are now focused on deleting content more than viewing content. This means finding ways within your financial budget to promote your cause in a different and exciting way. So different and exciting that it’s worth commenting about or sharing with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Hot social media tips for nonprofits.
Hot social media tips for nonprofits. has recently started a crowdfunding coaching program that helps nonprofits with media content production. If you think you can use some help with creating and developing this type of content feel free to send an email to