Grant Writers Include YouHelp Fundraiser

Grant Writers are now beginning to include the writing of a YouHelp fundraiser description as an added service on

Sister-site GrantWriterTeam allows businesses and organizations seeking grant funding the ability to connect with reputable Grant Writers.

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The connection is made after a “grant seeker” submits a “writer request.” The request acts as a job requisition and is shared with our team of grant writers. Grant writers then bid on the project in hopes of becoming the writer of that grant application.

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Why A YouHelp Fundraiser?

Providing up to date service is crucial for client retention. Crowdfunding has taken the world by storm as a very effective & powerful tool for raising money and awarness.

Including a YouHelp description is also a great way to show concern for the client’s financial well being while they are in the process of applying for grant funding.

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis many organizations had to cease standard operations. This includes events and other means of fundraising.

Many have turned to grant funding or loans as supplemental revenue, while others have tapped into crowdfunding to keep their vessel afloat.

It’s a “sink or swim” day in age as we face the limitations of shutdowns and social distancing. The internet has gone from the modern day market place to the only place as fear of contracting a potentially deadly virus also spreads.

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YouHelp has proven to be a valuable resource in these trying times. Businesses such as Propaganda Lake Worth have utilized YouHelp to collect almost $14,000 in donations. Matt Krug, the owner of Propaganda, stated that “Despite receiving a loan from the government, reopening after the shutdown wouldn’t even be possible if it wasn’t for YouHelp.”

Grant Writers have taken note of the power of crowdfunding as they encourage all grant seekers to create a YouHelp fundraiser.

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Brit West Raises Money For The Navajo Nation

Picture of Brit West in front of red truck with cute puppy and brown horse. Brit is raising money for the Navajo Nation.

Custom jewelry designer and photographer Brit West has raised over $3,500 in support of the Navajo Nation.

As if her jewelry, clothing, and photographs aren’t spectacular enough, Brit has now solidified herself as a philanthropist.

According to Brit, our Native American friends need our help. The Navajo Nation is suffering great economic losses due to its parks being closed and this is why she created a YouHelp fundraiser.

Navajo Nation

Picture of United States map showing Navajo Nation portion of land

The Navajo’s land extends into the states of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, covering 27,000 square miles plus of unparalleled beauty. Diné Bikéyah, or Navajoland, is larger than 10 of the 50 states in the USA.

Navajo Nation is comprised of 110 chapters and is represented by its own government. Grand Falls, Little Colorado River Gorge, and Monument Valley are just a few of the many tribal parks awaiting your visit.

Photo of Brit West  in hat with dog in sun glasses sitting in grass. Behind them are mountains.

A passion for design and the Navajo Nation can be clearly seen in Brit’s works of art and fundraising efforts. Please support Brit and her mission by giving to “The Navajo Nation Needs Our Help Campaign.”

Also in support of the fundraiser, Brit is promoting her project titled “Photography with a Purpose.” These beautiful prints are available for purchase online with a portion of the proceeds being donated to her worthy cause.

Screen shot image of with pictures of Native American women. Portion of the proceeds going to the Navajo Nation

Brit’s YouHelp Success

Brit did a great job creating her campaign. She utilized eye-catching images and described the reason for her passion in the campaign details.

Through the avenues of social media and email marketing, Brit also targeted her audience of supporters. As you will read in the fundraiser comments, like-minded individuals were delighted to give to the Navajo People in their time of need.

Start Raising Money

Starting a YouHelp Fundraiser is fast and easy to do. Crowdfunding allows you to instantly create a website and start collecting money. With the right attitude and strategy, money can be raised for any worthy cause or project.

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