How to Start Your Own Business

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Dream, Do, Have – You have the tools to make it happen!

Transitioning  VS Beginning

Some entrepreneurs begin their careers owning their own business and others transition from employee status. Both have one thing in common and that is start-up capital. 

If a business owner thinks they started their business without any money invested, they are wrong. After all, time is money.

So, what do you do if you’re one of the many that REALLY wants to start their own business? What if you can’t find the path, don’t have the courage and you most certainly don’t have the funds? 

An absolute fact of reality and what it all boils down to is money. Even if money is only buying you the time to start the new business, it is a necessity to live. 

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6 Ways to Raise 

  1. Save – Highly unlikely but possible. Keep your expenses low, continue to make money employed, and save enough to launch a business. 
  2. Borrow – How’s your credit? Or better yet how’s your rich Uncle doing? 
  3. Investor – That guy you met, at that party, that one time a few months back? What’s his name again? You have his business card somewhere. Give him a call.
  4. Partner – The ideal candidate. Someone with money to invest, experience, and is ready to join you on your journey. Write up an agreement giving yourself sweat equity after the business turns a profit.
  5. Crowdfunding – You could literally start creating a fundraiser right now for free. Explain your concept. Present yourself as a serious business professional. Get creative and market your campaign. 
  6. Grant Funding – Search the internet for available grant funding. New business grants become available on a regular basis.
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The Point of This Blog

Approaching all of the above-mentioned “ways to raise” money may be your best bet. However, creating a YouHelp Fundraising Campaign is the one idea that you could start right now and still approach other avenues of raising capital.

A Few Things To Consider Before Starting A YouHelp Fundraiser

  • Campaign Details – Think of this as your “Elevator Pitch” or “Business Proposal.” Explain your business concept and how the money you raise will be spent.
  • About the Owner – This is your opportunity to briefly explain yourself as the “CEO” or “FOunder.” Remember to use a professional-looking picture of yourself.
  • Video – Video works great. Include an about video in the campaign details and create another for advertising. Be professional in your appearance.
  • Promotion – There are many ways to advertise your campaign. Send an email to to schedule a campaign strategy call.

Not only are you able to raise money with a YouHelp fundraiser but it can also help you create and explain the vision for your company.

Look at this fundraiser as your first advertisement, your first business plan, and a definite start to a new idea.