How to fall in love with asking for donations

There is only one thing between you and reaching your fundraising goal. Asking someone to donate! Asking for donations is the single most important ingredient needed for fundraising success.

Please let me share with you a short story that illustrates this point. When I was newly married, I worked for a short period of time for my father-in-law. He had designed and developed a new cup dispenser and would sell his product to the local stores. And later he distributed the product to the bigger water company vendors.

One of my jobs was to drive around with him in his truck and deliver orders to the local paper goods stores. As a people person, I enjoyed that part of the job much more than the tedious job of packing up and labeling the boxes!

So we would drive around from area to area dropping off cases of cup dispensers, writing up invoices and collecting payments for the last purchase orders.

The process was the same, more or less, for each delivery. See what size, color, and amount for the order and carry it to the store, and then write up an invoice and ask for a check.

Towards the end of one workday, we arrive at one of the stores. I am all set to do my routine when my father-in-law stops me and says, this customer gets a 20% discount. By this time, I’d been doing this with him for the entire summer and never ever did I hear of a discount.

So now I’m a little excited, perhaps to hear a story of a childhood friend or relative that I have yet to meet who gets the discount. Or maybe it will be a story of a young widow running a business to support a large family. Maybe even a juicy story involving the mafia.

So I turn to him and ask him, why a discount? He continues to write out the invoice using a Bic pen and one of those small solar panel calculators, and says matter-of-factly, ”Because he asked for a discount.” For the next half hour, I was alone with my thoughts. I’d been driving around all day delivering merchandise. The only difference between the last store and all of the others was that the owner simply asked for a discount.

We have to ask ourselves, why is it difficult for us to ask for help?

Why are some people more comfortable asking for help than others?

As a crowdfunding coach, I spend most of my time trying to peel away the emotional baggage associated with reaching out for donations. So many charity founders are much more comfortable with writing grant requests, since they doesn’t involve having to ask someone else for help.

Studies show that one of the main reasons people don’t ask for donations is because they are afraid of rejection.

Let’s face it. It’s much easier emotionally to handle a “no thank you” letter from a nonprofit foundation than to have a friend or family member reject your request.

The next time someone says no to you when you ask for a donation, try this response:

“I’ve known you for a long time and I know how much of a good person you are and how much you enjoy giving. I really want to share this opportunity with you. Would you mind if I follow up with you again in a few weeks?”

If you believe in your mission enough that you are willing to dedicate so much time and effort to help this cause, wouldn’t you want your friends and family to experience the same satisfaction as you are receiving?

If you bought a new pair of shoes and they were super comfortable, wouldn’t you share the news of this great new product with everyone around you?

View your nonprofit as an opportunity to create a positive impact on both the lives of the needy ones and the donors! And share that opportunity with everyone around you.

Now here some important questions to ask yourself if you are having difficulty asking others for donations:

What would it take for you to donate to your cause if you were asked by someone else?

What would it take from the organization for you to increase your donation amount?
Would you consider committing to a recurring donation?
What is the best setting for them to approach you at work or at home?

When you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, you will be ready to use them in your crowdfunding campaign.

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Here at YouHelp we have many different types of crowdfunding campaigns going on at any given time – in fact; it’s our job. From Global Warming and Climate Change initiatives to Leukemia Research and even sending the underprivileged to college – we deal in it ALL. If you want to start a crowdfunding campaign of your own – YouHelp is the place for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! No matter how big or small. No matter how wild, witty or fun. Today we want to discuss our more creative and ambitious side of crowdfunding campaigns and ideas that just came across our desk and into our fundraising cross hairs. In this blog we would like to highlight a few of the folks coloring outside the lines of the norm, the fun, the noteworthy and of course the unique. So here goes…

The Artist Formerly Known As….

Help crowdfund the life size statue of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Life Size Statue of Prince Rogers Nelson

Total Amount of Donations Needed: $12,000

$28,000 has already been raised toward the $40,000 total. For this amazing initiative any donation; or as much as you wish to donate will help us achieve the goal. No amount is too small or definitely too large… Read More

This is NOT a misprint and your eyes are NOT deceiving you. If you’re anywhere in the Henderson, MN area then your donation could most definitely award you the privilege and the eye candy of a life-size bronze statue of Mr. Purple Rain himself – The Artist Formerly Known As…Your favorite and mine…aka Prince.

Be some of the first donors to bring this dream to life for the good people of Henderson, MN and the campaign manager Kitty Hopkins. To learn more about Kitty Hopkins, the Prince Legacy Henderson Project or to keep an eye on this amazing campaign – CLICK HERE.

Dona…Dona…Donate Now…

Help to restore the historic Thomas the Train prop - the Magic Lady

Help Restore Historic Thomas the Train Prop – The Magic Lady!

Total Amount of Donations Needed: $30,000
$350 of the $30,000 has already been raised for this amazing campaign.
In December 2017, a large scale wooden train prop was utilized in the 2000 feature film Thomas the Magic Railroad. Following this, our organization refocused our mission from being a fan driven movement for an unreleased version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization educating the public about the vast history of railway representation in media…Read More.

Lights, Camera, Color – Thomas Train Prop Everyone! Now is your chance to bring this American icon back to life and restore the Magic Lady back to her former glory for EVERYONE to enjoy alike. You don’t need to be a Thomas the Train fan to love this piece of history. This is definitely eye candy for ALL to enjoy! Don’t pass up the chance to donate to this crowdfund and participate and support this amazing piece of art and history!

You can bring this dream to life for the good people of the area and the campaign manager Eric Scherer. To learn more about Eric Scherer, the Restore the Magic Lady Prop or to keep an eye on this amazing campaign – Click Here.

Be sure to visit both of the campaigns and get donating. These are worthy campaigns for anyone out there who’s ever had a dream they wanted to see come to life. Be a part of history in the making and the restoration of history which has already been made.

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