Tackling Mental Health Campaigns with YouHelp 🧠

Many people create crowdfunding campaigns on YouHelp to raise funds to support mental health studies and programs. Learn how these 3 crowdfunding campaign organizers are using YouHelp to reach their goals!

“Student Internship In Behavioral Health”

From the campaign:
Our all-volunteer research institute offers internships to undergraduate students interested in psychology. Donations allow us to give stipends to two underrepresented community college student interns who wish to learn about the graduate school experience and about academic careers in research.

“Third Star To The Right.. And Onward”

The United States is home to more than 21 million veterans, many of whom deployed to support combat operations around the globe during their military service and sustained service-related conditions or disabilities. Supporting these wounded, ill, and injured warriors once they return home are millions of informal caregivers — individuals who provide unpaid support enable the service member or veteran to live in a non-institutionalized setting- and children. This saves the United States millions of dollars every year in health costs, but the care that they provide does not come without consequences. There are an estimated 5.5 million military caregivers in the United States. Of these, 1.1 million (19.6 percent) are caring for post-9/11 veterans. Military caregivers consistently experience worse health outcomes, greater strains on family relationships, and more workplace problems than non-caregivers, and post-9/11 military caregivers fare worst in these areas. (Site and reference – Terri Tanielian /RAND Corporation’s Research Blueprint: Improving Support for America’s Hidden Heroes.)  These strains are often passed onto the children living in the home and result in poor mental health and resiliency.  The lack of internal coping mechanisms, feelings of isolation or “being different,” and the unwillingness to take healthy risks can result in these children having significant mental health issues, problems in school or lack of long-term goal setting.  Through Third Star Foundation, we become the internal support system for not only the children but the caregiver as well.  Working with an art therapist, licensed mental health professional, and trained volunteers Third Star foundation provides these coping mechanisms and allows the child a safe space to express their feelings; resulting in overall positive mental health.  Currently we Third Star foundation is working with children who have attended a one-week camp experience with their peers to provide comprehensive year-round support.

 During monthly support sessions children will engage in a brief activity designed to get them expressing their emotions about a particular issue they are dealing with.  The children will also be led in an educational session giving them a tool to put into practice at home during the month.  Finally, time will be given to updating the staff on their goal setting and a short guided meditation session for the purpose of stress relief.  

“Heroes And Hooves”

Twenty-two of our Veterans commit suicide everyday.  One is to many of our nations heroes.  Many are suffering from PTSD and other mental issues, this is heartbreaking and we must not stop, we must not leave any soldier behind.  We are in need of donations to help us further our program.  We are a non profit that offers Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responders that are suffering from PTSD or other mental, physical issues.  We do this free of charge depending only on contributions from individuals and businesses.  Our cost consist of veterinary bills, bedding for horses, hay for horses, grain for horses and various supplies.  Just $7.00 will supply hay for one horse for two days.  We get our horses from a rescue, get them back in great health, and as they have been helped, they are loving and ready to help someone else. Please help us help these horses, our veterans, our Law Enforcement and our First Responders that put their life on line for us!!! www.freedom-reigns-ranch.webnode.com

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About the Author: The author is a staff writer at YouHelp