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STEM. What does it mean in 2016? STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Math. It is often used in terms of education. In fact, has Science Education STEM as a possible category for a crowdfunding campaign. With the advances in the major sciences, STEM education is necessary for our children to eventually compete in the world market.

In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that STEM-related jobs will grow to more than 9 million by 2022. Jobs like architectural and engineering managers, actuaries, aerospace engineering and operations technicians and more all require a strong background in STEM.

STEM is interdisciplinary. The focus of STEM education is to provide students with the tools to solve problems. Gittel Grant is seekig funding to implement the The Building Blocks of Engineering Curriculum in schools,

“To train students to be innovators and problem-solvers.”

Gittel’s goals include:

“To combine high-level science content with interactive engineering applications to reflect situations the children might encounter on the job in life.”

Another goal of the program is:

“To introduce students to science content and make them ready to engage in higher level STEM courses.”

With her campaign, Gittel hopes to reach out to educators and parents who wish their school had a STEM program to give their kids these opportunities. The benefits for teachers include lessons backed with detailed guides “that associates standards, concepts covered, teaching strategies and background information.”

When asked why she chose UHelp to crowdfund, Gittel answered, “Because of the educational nature of my campaign, I thought I should use a more professional venue.” There is something she appreciated about UHelp, too.

Gittel loved speaking with our crowdfunding mentor who provided valuable insight on how to set up her campaign. In fact, our mentor helped walk her through the formation of her entire campaign.

So, if you’re a nonprofit, small business, school, researcher, educator, or other, consider creating a crowdfunding campaign on We put in our time, so you can put in yours. Together, we can work toward a successful campaign.

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