Strategies for Moving Community Service into Action  

Community Service

Taking initiative to give back to the community is rewarding and fulfilling in so many ways. Besides the altruistic reasons, personal benefits can be gained as well.

Amanda Chen, in the Huffington Post, finds that generosity can lower stress levels, and lead to more happiness at work and a longer life. Consider these strategies to utilize community service to help others as well as yourself.

  1. Volunteer time with the elderly: Many senior centers have programs that offer young people time to spend with the elderly in a community setting where visitors may not be frequent. Every nursing home or senior community center has different rules, but reaching out to staff to express a desire to volunteer is a good place to start. Stories that these older people share are often inspirational. I have volunteered in nursing homes and have found that these stories are abundant, interesting and educational.
  2. Offer free tutoring to elementary or high school students: One great way to give back may is offer expertise as a tutor in math, English or social studies. Many students need help with homework, or studying for a test. A tutor often increases both a student’s knowledge and confidence in the subject. Call the school’s tutoring center or responsible faculty to learn how to help.
  3. Volunteer with a nonprofit that sends packages to troops overseas: Many organizations including Operation Gratitude and Operation Troop Support collect items for servicemen and women. Men and women who serve in the armed forces sacrifice comfort and risk their lives to protect the freedom of all Americans. Coordinating the delivery of care packages is a great way to give back and show support and appreciation for all they do.

Don’t put off giving back. Create a community service crowdfunding campaign and invite close family members, friends and coworkers who are supportive of your cause to join your team. We recommend adding at least three members to help divide the work for your daily marketing campaign. Ask them to make a small $5 or $10 contribution to help kick off your community service campaign. You will always have the personalized support of UHelp, our free crowdfunding platform.

About the Author: Lianne Hikind is a staff writer for