Spreading Your YouHelp Love With Live Video Options

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While there is no substitute for actually being there – whether celebrating an event with family, best friends or neighbors – technology offers us more alternatives than ever.

Live video can help your YouHelp charity campaign with crowdfunding. Choose from Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, YouTube or a podcast.

Maybe many of those who have pledged to help with your campaign are too far away to be there for your event in person. Perhaps it’s a health and safety issue. The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the learning curve for many when it comes to live video alternatives. Your loyal audience can enjoy being part of your event without having to leave the comforts of their home. Statistics show a much higher attendance to live online events since they are much more accessible.

Spreading Your YouHelp Love With Facebook Live

Choose a hot topic that directly relates to your fundraiser.

You will have the opportunity to put the YouHelp.com link in the description of the event. Mention your YouHelp.com campaign with a call to action. Live viewers can click and donate as your event heats up.

Make sure to let followers, friends and donors know about the event. Contact them well in advance to maximize good attendance. Try to think of something out of the ordinary that will razzle and dazzle your audience.

Come up with a catchy title for your event.

Make sure the title jumps off the screen and catches the eye of your audience. Think about a memorable thing you can say or do. This could have people talking about your event for weeks or years afterward – anything that will shine a good light on your charity. Telling a sincere personal story never shared before is always a good idea.

Remember That Your Donors Are Looking for Authenticity and Passion for Them to Get Enthusiastic About.

Let them know how important each and every one of your donors from the smallest to the largest is appreciated. Let them know how much you truly love them and how much you cherish the relationship that has been developed over the years.

Use Video Options to Help Build Your Online Donor Base.

As a YouHelp crowdfunding coach, I am looking forward to coaching you on how to create a steady stream of quality video events. This can help propel your nonprofit to the next level by connecting to new potential donors.

Feel free to send me an email at support@YouHelp.com if you would like to learn more about how your charity can benefit from YouHelp crowdfunding coaching.