Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Fundraising Campaign

Six Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Fundraiser

Marketing is essential in order to reach an audience and secure donations for your charity. YouHelp wants your nonprofit to succeed in its fundraising ventures, so it is sharing some strategies to help.

Below, are some different ways to market your fundraising campaign: 

1. Content Marketing

With content branding you are able to create content in print or digital formats that attract people and create a larger audience. This can mean posting a weekly blog or creating daily social media posts which attract viewers. Pay attention to the types of content which get the most positive feedback! 

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing utilizes contacts in order to share content about your organization. You can use email to share content such as blog posts or newsletters. You can also direct the viewer to your website or share fundraisers for your organization.

3. Permission-Based Marketing

Permission based sharing is giving content to people who have subscribed, signed up or accepted that they will be receiving your content. This can include a monthly newsletter, so the viewer can stay engaged with your organization. This type of engagement gives users the chance to voluntarily choose what they want to learn more about without feeling violated.

4. Event Marketing

Event promotion is the use of events to highlight your services or programs. Consider seeking outreach opportunities from events that already take place in your community! Additionally, you may consider creating your own events to boost your nonprofit and cultivate a larger audience. 

5. Alliance Marketing 

Alliance or partnership marketing relies on making connections and partnerships with other entities such as businesses and nonprofit organizations. Consider which entities have similar values so you both may achieve a common goal. By doing this, organizations are able to share resources and learn from each other to increase productivity and get better results. Remember — two is always better than one.

6. Search Marketing

Search engine optimization brings insights into what attracts people to your website or blog. Certain keywords or topics may attract more people to your website. Learn what draws people in and utilize that to increase website traffic. Search marketing reaches consumers when they are open to new information. Unlike other advertising, it is non-intrusive.

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