Show W.A.R.M.T.H To Your Donors!
Donors Are Seeking W.A.R.M.T.H from their charities!

Wrap Your Donors In The Warmth Of Your Charity!

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Wrap your donors in the warmth of your charity! Perhaps you will say that I am stating the obvious, or maybe you wonder what this means. However; please allow me to explain. Warmth is an acronym for the six key factors that donors are looking for in a charity.

W is for Working Wonders!

Firstly, ensure your donors genuinely believe that your charity does wonders for society. Make such a positive impact on them, that they will wonder why there aren’t more organizations like yours! Become the hero that they prayed for when they were in need.

Research shows that donors give significantly more money to projects that they personally identify with. Their buried suffering may still trigger trauma from their personal life experience. Communicating to your donors the detailed stories of your charity’s success, is at many times, what your donors are looking to hear.

A is for Showing Appreciation and Acknowledgment!

Appreciation and acknowledgment for their gifts – no matter how small. Charities should remember that donors forgo a sense of financial security every time they make a donation. Charities need to recognize all sizes of contributions, no matter the amount. Let them know how impactful their donation was with completing the project. When possible, share the positive messages of appreciation from the recipients to your website or social media platforms.

R is for Earning Respect and Building a Good Reputation

Respect the intelligence of your contributors. Have the abilitiy to lead and manage your charity that corresponds with your organization’s mission. Remember, every action you take as a leader, is being watched and criticized. It is not easy to build up a good reputation, however, when you succeed it is the most solid type of marketing that exists.

M is for Money

Monetary responsibility – I have yet to meet a potential donor that isn’t critical of how charities spend their money. Make sure that all expenses are thought through thoroughly. Perhaps, checking with the board to see if anything you can be donated, or apply for in-kind grants. Hire the best affordable talent possible, with the conviction that potential donors will support your professional decisions.

T stands for Trust

Trust doesn’t end with the monetary issue. Trust is the foundation in all meaningful relationships. One of the key ways to build up trust, is to have accountability. Completing promised projects and program you lay the groundwork to, will result in reoccurring donations. Another way to build up trust is to be completely transparent with your donors.

H is for creating a Healing environment

Healthy and healing environment – donors want to build relationships with their charities. They want to be a part of your healthy feel-good environment. Bring some of your healing into their personal lives. Your organization becomes a conduit for love and healing that they are desperately searching for.

Share the Love

When a donor becomes attached to your mission, they look for opportunities to share your message. This is why it is important to post quality content from your charity, so donors have the opportunity to share it on their Facebook page.

In a coaching session, I work together with campaign leaders to help establish these relationships. Many donors are looking to build a long-term meaningful relationship with the charity. The more you invest in understanding why your donors support you, the stronger bond you can create. Nonprofits should see themselves as a catalyst for a healthy and unconditional loving opportunity between donors and the good work that is being done.

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