Nonprofit Organizations Are Crowdfunding Their Way To Success

Preview: Nonprofit organizations are creating crowdfunding campaigns on YouHelp to fund their initiatives

Nonprofit organizations are created to help people without turning a profit. However, these organizations usually need some type of funding to continue to do the work that they do. While many of these nonprofit organizations have volunteers, they still need money to fund the work that they do and to pay for leadership. Some nonprofit organizations turn to crowdfunding on YouHelp. Here are the top 3 trending nonprofit campaigns on YouHelp:

1) Black Ladies in Public Health (BLiPH)

BLiPH is raising money to support their official planning meeting and Summer Summit. BLiPH serves as a resource to the field of public health and the Black Ladies that come to know it. They have members across 121 cities and 82 countries.

Visit their Campaign Page to learn more about their cause or to donate!

2) Gifted Children, Inc.

Gifted Children, Inc. is a newly formed not-for-profit organization who supports parents of children who are on the Autism Spectrum. The corporation’s purpose is to provide day care services and facilitate the delivery of ancillary therapeutic services and programs.”

Visit their Campaign Page to learn more about their cause or to donate!

3) Help Women Surviving Domestic Violence

The Crossover House is a residential community designed for women who are survivors of domestic violence. They’re raising funds on YouHelp for housing expenses, nutrition, transportation, and health management.

Visit their Campaign Page to learn more about their cause or to donate! is a popular fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations, small businesses and individuals who want to bring new initiatives to fruition. The process is simple: decide on your goal, write a compelling message, and garner initial support (contributors) excited  about your fundraiser and committed to sharing it out on their social media — and launch. When you share your campaign on social media, if the idea is deserving, people will pledge their supportCreate your free crowdfunding campaign today! We want to hear from you. Email us any comments, questions, or suggestions to

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