Music Venue Raises $11,275+ For COVID-19 Relief

It was supposed to be just another year of live entertainment for iconic music venue Propaganda. Now in its 12th year, Propaganda Lake Worth (aka “Prop”) has established and maintained its status of Palm Beach County Florida’s premier location for local live music.

Well known for their original live music performances & special occasion shows featuring national touring acts, Propaganda would end up being one of the many nightclubs blind-sided by the forced shutdown in response to the threat of the coronavirus crisis.

Photo Taken By TuffGnarl

Propaganda owner and talent booking agent Matthew Krug had once again scheduled an awesome lineup of live acts for another series of springtime events. Like many other businesses, Matt kept the venue doors open until the very last minute before state and local governments enforced the shutdown of all bars and nightclubs in Florida.

As if owning and operating a small business wasn’t difficult enough, the local arts venue would now have to face the obstacle of surviving the COVID-19 pandemic for an undetermined length of time.

Knowing that his business would now be closed for at least a month Matt decided to act fast, swallow his pride and ask for help from his local community of patrons and musicians. 

The first strategic step he took was creating an honest and heartfelt video describing the situation and the real necessity for the fundraiser. His second step was starting a YouHelp crowdfunding campaign titled “Keep Propaganda Alive” which has enabled Prop and his staff to raise over $9,000 in just a two week period.

Matt set the fundraising goal to $18,000. He chose this number in the reflection of Facebook followers they have as well as the amount of money they would need to survive.

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The success of the Propaganda campaign can be attributed mostly to the effort and creative marketing executed by Matt and his team. Matt took our advice and utilized the “Tips & Templates” section of his account which lays out various strategies and tools that support a campaign manager in reaching their fundraising goal. Team Propaganda utilized social media to its fullest extent by engaging followers with instant messaging, post sharing and a Facebook live video feed.

Propaganda still needs your support!

Make a donation and share the campaign by copying and pasting the URL address below:

YouHelp crowdfunding remains to be the easiest, fastest and free way to raise money, especially in an emergency situation. If you need to raise money for coronavirus relief START YOUR FUNDRAISER now.