Charities Are Uniting
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How Your Charity Can Do More With Less

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As Independence Day quickly approaches, many nonprofits find themselves struggling to cover the costs of creating a worthwhile event. This article shares with you an idea of what your charity can do to create a spectacular event without breaking the bank.

Many nonprofits have seen drastic reductions in income due to the pandemic. Yet the people that have depended on your charity for so long are possibly more in need now than ever.

The solution to the problem is really simple. Actually, it’s so simple you might just say to yourself, “How come I didn’t think of that?”

Nonprofit Collaboration

The way to do even more this Independence Day with less money is through nonprofit collaboration. Nonprofit collaboration is two or more nonprofits joining forces with other nonprofits that service the same group as you do to launch a combined event.

A perfect example of creating such an event is currently being done by one of the charities I am coaching on our crowdfunding platform. Carolyn Brown, founder of, a nonprofit that assists homeless veterans in the U.S., faced this very challenge.

Setback not a deterrent

Carolyn was working hard on having an important event for veterans this Independence weekend when she found out that the funding for the event has been postponed. She did not let this setback ruin her spirits. She found a way to join together with her fellow patriots and celebrate their country’s independence together.

Carolyn and Monica, a dedicated veteran who has been volunteering for, hit the phones. They spoke with several nonprofits in the area and agreed to have a collaborated event at the park where many homeless veterans live.

Three charities, one cause

One charity agreed to sponsor the barbecue, including drinks and all the paper goods. Another charity took it upon themselves to dress the vets in brand-new clothing. Another found a barber chair and volunteer barbers to bring a feeling of a fresh new future to the war heroes.

All three nonprofits went to their Facebook pages and posted on their social media about the event. All offered opportunities for people to volunteer and to donate to the combined efforts.

This is a modern-day story of how you take lemons and make lemonade. When running your nonprofit from an optimistic viewpoint and focusing on what you have, you always find out that you have much more than you thought.

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