How Urgent Is Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

How urgent is your crowdfunding campaign? If you do not feel the urgency, then certainly your donors won’t either.

For as long as I can remember I have been working with nonprofit organizations. As a young student, nonprofits would partner with our schools to help raise money for their important causes. They gave us charity boxes and would award prizes to the students that brought back the most money.

Later in life when I was around sixteen, I got a job telemarketing for charities in Israel. Every night we would attack the phones, raising money primarily for Magen Dovid Adom. This ambulance rescue service operates comparatively to the Red Cross.

Generally, donors would respond respectfully, but often asked to call back later. They would ask how much they gave in the past and would match that number or give less, depending on their financial situation.

However, January 17th, 1991 was very different than any other fundraising night

That was the date when Saddam Hussein launched the first Scud missile at Israel. The entire country of Israel went into their bomb shelters wearing gas masks in fear of chemical warfare. I went to my desk and started making calls just as I did every night. However, this time people were doubling and tripling their donations! A few asked me please to call back the following week so that they could give again. The money was pouring in faster than we could dial the phones. For every rocket launched towards Israel, the donors would pledge more funds!

What made the fundraiser so successful was the sense of urgency. Now I agree that it is impossible to create a sense of urgency on the same level as a war. However, there are tools that charities can use to create an urgent environment.

This is why I teach nonprofits as a crowdfunding coach to create a sense of urgency in their campaign

One way to create a sense of urgency is to set a clear and definite end date for the campaign. This date is repeatedly broadcasted to potential donors as time is running out. Without an end date, donors have a natural tendency to procrastinate with their donations. Charities have to allow themselves enough time to raise the money they need. However, they should not waste available time.

But some charities use an all-or-nothing tactic to create a sense of urgency. This means that if they do not reach their financial campaign goal, all the money raised will go back to the donors. In my opinion, this is going too far. I also advise nonprofits to focus on a specific goal that will have a direct positive impact that is urgent.

Once the goal is reached the donors and the organization can celebrate together.

Urgency is also critical for your team of volunteers

As long as there is an urgency volunteers together with staff will be focused on a common goal. Charities need as much help as they can get and people willing to volunteer can be critical for a successful campaign.

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