How To Choose a Crowdfunding Platform


The crowdfunding platform you choose is dependent on several conditional components. 

When you look at available options for raising funds, there are several aspects to consider. By taking these steps and weighing your options appropriately, you'll be on your way to finding the best possible space to raise money for your unique invention or small business idea.  

  1. Accessibility and Simplicity: When you choose your platform, you need to ensure it meets your needs as a user. Does it have simple, intuitive interface? Is setting up your account a user friendly experience? If you have difficulties getting started or don't find the platform layout to be particularly attractive, chances are your potential funders will have the same concerns. Select a crowdfunding platform that is both easy on the eyes and capable of providing a user friendly experience for yourself and your funders for the best campaign results. 
  2. Aesthetic and Promotional Quality: Take a look at a few different crowdfunding sites. Compare the differences and similarities in their layout, how campaign URLs are organized and how particular projects are presented. Take the aesthetic factors, such as color scheme and responsive web design, into consideration. Do the crowdfunding platforms you're considering have a site-specific audience, branding or tone? Weigh all of these factors before deciding which platform is a proper fit for your project. If you have a specific brand or want to promote your project in a certain light and to a particular audience, choosing a crowdfunding platform that matches your brand vision is vital. Remember, promote-ability of your crowdfunding campaign is EVERYTHING. The success of your entire project depends on how effectively it is promoted.
  3. Fees and Payment Processing: One of the most important features of any crowdfunding platform is the fees that the site itself receives from your campaign donations, as well as the process of receiving your own funds upon project completion. Does the site have multiple, secure payment options? What percentage of funds do they receive from your campaign? Which payment processing tool do they use for funding? Will you receive your funds even if the project is not fully funded? These are all high priority questions to ask yourself when comparing crowdfunding platforms. 
  4. Campaign Mentorship & Extra Features: No 2 crowdfunding sites are the same. Varying crowdfunding platforms will offer varying features and capabilities to attract users and provide a seamless, successful experience for funders. Look into the platform perks and additional campaign provisions your contending platforms are offering. Depending on the specific of your campaign, these bonus features may just be a deciding factor in your process. UHelp is a new crowdfunding site which offers the valuable inclusion of campaign mentorship. Each campaign is guided to success through a 30 business day burndown of carefully crafted daily tasks. This feature is a highly valuable tool, particularly for campaign owners who are new to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Mentors are highly trained in social media and funding acumen and will make the entire processes easier and more cohesive. 


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