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How to Build Your YouHelp Campaign Team

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Once you’ve created your crowdfunding project on, connected to STRIPE to receive your contributions, and completed your pre-launch checklist, your campaign will be submitted to a YouHelp coach for final review. When a YouHelp coach approves your campaign, it will go live on our platform. Your free 30-day marketing mentorship will begin following the publication of your campaign. Then comes your first task: building your YouHelp Campaign Team.

Campaign Teams are one of the many valuable features unique to Complete the daily tasks of your 30-day marketing mentorship with the advantages of team collaboration and group accountability. To reach your fundraising goal, you will want backup. Welcome trusted family members, friends and colleagues to your campaign team on YouHelp, where “teamwork makes the dream work.”

Build Your Campaign Team

You can invite five or more trusted friends, family members, volunteers or coworkers to join your campaign team and help propel your project success. Invite those closest to you to share the responsibilities of marketing your campaign. This inner circle is also an ideal group to ask for initial donations, large or small, to kick off your campaign.

You are in charge of who your campaign appeals to, such as nonprofits, children and medical health professionals. When creating your campaign, you will write an “Urgency and Need” message. This message should clearly convey why the community should contribute to your project. Communicate this message to your campaign team to ensure everyone is promoting the same message to their online networks and connections for optimal reach. Your team will help drive the success of your campaign, but you are the Campaign Organizer. Regardless of your team’s contributions, you remain in full control of your YouHelp project.

Day 1 and Moving Forward

After signing into your YouHelp account, click on “30 Days of Free Marketing Support” in the top right corner of the screen. Click “Day 1” to start building your crowdfunding campaign team.

You are welcome to include a photograph for each invited team member, though it is not required. With each invitation, you will select whether the invited team member will have full access to your daily campaign tasks or the limited ability to view only the dashboard. Below is an example of what you will see in “Day 1 – Building Your Campaign Team” as you send your invitations. If you’re launching a personal needs campaign that is raising donations to support medical needs for a child with a disability, invite members of the child’s family to your Campaign Team.  If your campaign supports the efforts of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, build a campaign team of well-informed supporters such as directors, board members and volunteers.

Walking You Through

In the example below, Barbara Gordon is building a campaign team that includes her husband, parents, and daughter to support the project for her sick child, Katie.   

Complete the required – and optional, at your discretion – fields of “creating your campaign team” and click “Save” to send your invitations via email. Invited campaign team members will receive an email that looks like this:

As you send your invitations, campaign team members will appear in the column on the right side of your “Day 1” page. Invited members will be labeled as “pending.” When members click “accept” on the invitation email, you will see their status update from “pending” to “Access Type-Full access,” and the new member will appear on your Campaign Team page. For example, the “Save Our Seas from Plastic” Campaign Team page will show “Alex Ruben,” along with the other members who have accepted the invitation.


Once your invitations have been sent and accepted, your Campaign Team will be created, and you will be one step closer to reaching your Fundraising Goal.

Remember to keep in touch with each member of your Campaign Team. Ask your team which tasks they would like to complete over the next “30 Days of Free Marketing.”

If you have a wordsmith on your team who enjoys composing articles and is knowledgeable about your cause, he or she will most likely be the best candidate for composing your video script, press releases, and blog posts.

Have fun with it. Sharing the responsibilities of promoting your campaign will motivate your team and inspire donations from your extended community.

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