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Sports teams and recreational facilities are always fundraising money to meet their needs. Crowdfunding is a popular tool among the sports and recreation industry to raise funds. Teams need money for many different things such as uniforms, equipment, transportation, and facilities.

Here are the top 3 “Sports & Recreation” crowdfunding campaigns on YouHelp:

1) Tigers 4 Lions Ballpark

The City of Wewoka county is looking to expand the Lions Club Ballpark to provide a healthy, positive platform, where youth can continue to grow, develop and collaborate. To support their campaign or view their video, please visit their campaign page.

2) Help Make An American Dream Come True

Sporting Wichita is looking for sponsors for their soccer team so that they can continue to build their soccer team. To support their campaign, please visit their campaign page.

3) Lets Keep These Girls Flipping

The Central High Gymnastics Team is looking to raise $5,000 to fund their gymnastic program. To support their campaign, please visit their campaign page.

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About the Author: The author is a staff writer at YouHelp