Giving Tuesday: Help ‘Our Vets Soar’ and Other Worthy Fundraising Campaigns

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Giving Tuesday takes place every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. This year, the event is on November 29th. The day started in 2012 and was brought to life by The 92nd Street Y cultural center in New York City.

The idea behind Giving Tuesday was to encourage the people of New York to give back to their communities. However, now, the day is a global movement celebrated by individuals all over the world. Giving Tuesday is now also a nonprofit organization. You can visit their website at

The main goal of the day is to teach people about radical generosity. Radical generosity is the concept that real change can be made by everyday people, not just world leaders and politicians.

This Giving Tuesday, there are many ways to help your community and practice radical generosity, but one big way is by donating your time or money to a nonprofit in need. Today, is highlighting one of the nonprofits on our platform that has had a big impact on its community.

What Is ‘Our Vets Soar’ and Who Does It Serve?

Our Vets Soar’ is an organization to help veterans obtain disability benefits, career assistance, and health and wellness coaching. The organization started on August 16th, 2022. Since its short existence, the organization has served more than 200 veterans. Currently, they have a team of six people (all veterans) who work as volunteers. They have hopes to expand this volunteer team and are currently raising funds to get office space.

The History Behind the Nonprofit

Rachel Darling started the nonprofit after her retirement from the military. While serving, Rachel received her paramedical license and ended as an E8, the highest-enlisted rank in the army. Her husband and mother are also both veterans. After more than 20 years of service, she was working at the Florida Office of Veterans Affairs and got the idea to start the nonprofit when she saw the problems many veterans face.

Rachel always cared about helping people. While in the army, she worked with people across the world. This made her see a need for better medical care for veterans. She wanted to make sure that veterans received the medical care and any other help that they deserve.

One Particular Case Stood Out

Veteran Smith was an army nurse who Rachel had served with, who she later reconnected with while seeking services from the Veterans Affairs office. He was a nurse by training but suffered from combat-related PTSD. This affected his ability to stay employed. He was homeless when Rachel met him. Rachel was helping him get benefits, but the process was taking a long time. One day, she noticed that she had not heard from Veteran Smith in a while. She later found out that he took his own life. She believed that if he had received help earlier, it could have prevented the tragic outcome from happening.        

Her Journey to

Rachel started a fundraiser on YouHelp to secure funding to get a building for her nonprofit and acquire office space. It is important to her cause because many of the veterans they serve are seniors or people with disabilities. Some of them may not be comfortable with or have the ability to use technology effectively to meet remotely. Rachel wants to ensure that they have equal access to the services they deserve and are entitled to as veterans. 

Donate to ‘Our Vets Soar’ This Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, consider donating to this organization or another worthy cause to do your part in making real change in the world. To donate to Our Vets Soar, visit this link. There are also many other nonprofits in need of additional funding that could use your help. Take the days before Giving Tuesday, to find a nonprofit that is personal to you or a cause you believe in, and see about making a monetary donation or donating your time if able.

Looking to the Future

Right now, Our Vets Soar, Inc. is open in Florida. However, Rachel has plans to expand into Texas shortly. They want to also expand into other states with a large presence of veterans such as Georgia and Alabama. Eventually, the organization would like to even be nationwide. 

Pay it Forward

Along with donating to a nonprofit, paying it forward has also become an increasingly popular way to celebrate Giving Tuesday. This style of giving means doing small or big favors without expecting something in return. Depending on how you are “paying it forward,” sometimes you can give anonymously. Some methods may require money, but there are free suggestions as well.

Some simple ways of paying it forward are:

  1. Pay for a stranger at the drive through
  2. Randomly leave a gift card or a card with money in a public place.
  3. Bring in snacks or a treat for your coworkers
  4. Send someone a “Thank you” card
  5. Offer to help a senior with a chore
  6. Rake your neighbor’s leaves
  7. Hold the door open for someone
  8. Ask your coworker if they need help
  9. Take a friend to lunch
  10. Let a car in during traffic

As you can see, there are many ways to spread kindness and get into the spirit of giving on #GivingTuesday. Start now!