Exploring Ancestry: Using Crowdfunding to Discover your Family Tree

Who are you? It's a deceptively simple question to ask, but it can be a far more difficult one to answer. After all, we are all products of our parents, but our parents are also the products of their parents. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more we learn about our ancestors, the more we learn about ourselves; so much of who we are depends on where we came from.

Discovering where you came from, on the other hand, is often a far trickier question to answer. Ancestry is rarely complete. A lucky person may be able to trace ancestry back through multiple generations via a variety of on-hand resources (birth records, census information, business documents, etc.). Yet, just as often, people find themselves with only a single name, city or immigration date from which to work. Even so, it is a start. With the right tools and enough time, even the most mysterious ancestry can be rediscovered.

First, you are going to need the proper tools as well as the funds to obtain them. That is where crowdfunding comes into play. Genealogy, after all, is all about family, and seeking donations from family members to discover more about their history simply makes sense.

Among other things, crowdfunding provides individuals with the means to

  • test their DNA,
  • access private historical-record collections,
  • query state and federal record repositories for extended periods and
  • arrange for the examination of one-of-a-kind materials, such as
    • newspaper archives,
    • university errata,
    • scientific repositories,
    • medical reports,
    • genealogical studies and
    • and military dossiers.

Crowdfunding also provides the necessary resources to compile these often-fragmentary materials into a cohesive lineage document, which can be further examined and explored. Indeed, with the help of crowdfunding, the process of investigating your family tree never needs to end, as there are always new family members to discover—family members who can make a donation to continue the adventure. Who knows where the trail will lead?

Crowdfunding makes the mysteries of the past accessible to those in the present, and there is no better way to crowdfund than UHelp. Safe, secure and free, UHelp will help you discover your ancestry today.

About the Author: Staff writer for UHelp.com