Emerging Technologies Promise Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Solutions To Water Crisis

A supermarket that does not need any packaging, a do-it-yourself solar pump for clean drinking water, or “fog nets” that trap the moisture from evening air and morning dew, are just some of the many good green business ideas and nonprofit projects worth supporting.  Sustainability is all about using fewer resources, producing cleaner waste – and less waste – or no waste at all.

Unfortunately many of these ideas fail in the early stages due to lack of funding.

Founders and project initiators can use the YouHelp platform to raise funds. Some campaigns provide thank you perks for those who contribute.

In addition to our carbon footprint, researchers are looking at our “water footprint,” the amount of water it takes to support our lifestyles and our appetites, and they see that it is rising globally.

Ella Fuksbrauner lived in Colombia during her childhood and has created a project: Sweet Guajira – Dulce Guajira – Finding Drinking Water Solutions, to find sustainable food and water solutions for La Guajira, Colombia. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button. With YouHelp, all donations go directly to the project.

Fuksbrauner is offering free songs on her CD for donations depending on donation level, giving a cover song for a mere $10 donation, and the whole album plus a tree in their name to those who donate $50.

The goal of the Sweet Guajira project is to provide a sustainable long-term alternative for the serious drought issue affecting La Guajira. A preliminary independent preemptive investigation will be done first.

A number of emerging innovative technologies are being explored. “Our aim is to get a 360% view of the situation, which includes assessing potential partners, technical opportunities, and the grassroots narrative. We believe that by helping farmers of the region with technology and knowledge, the water management situation, as well as the local economy will improve, thus organically providing more momentum to solve the crisis,” she said.

“We wish in turn to be able to create the largest possible impact, and help thousands of people in dire need of assistance. Join us in our efforts, help us create a new, independent opportunity for the region!” Fuksbrauner said.

Fresh water is the most important resource for life on earth. Almost one third of the world is already water stressed. Global climate change and exponential population growth have led to water scarcity and water shortages in major cities, which is continuing to worsen.

Taking into consideration the arid areas of the world and places with polluted and contaminated water, we need to find ways to produce a lot more fresh water.  In Peru alone, 12 million people (40% of the Peruvian population) lack access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

New ideas for clean water production include technological breakthroughs in creating water from thin air by researchers at UC Berkley, desalinating projects bringing water from the sea to the table, smartgrids, and  lower tech fogcatchers from The Create Water Foundation in Holland, which are already being used effectively at a low cost in Peru to provide clean drinking water and water for crops.

Technology looks at two main ways to alleviate the impending water crises. One is by making water-intensive processes more efficient. The other is by using technology to create fresh water – from filtering saline ocean water to purifying water that was once deemed permanently toxic to pulling water from ‘thin air,’ even in arid climates, technology promises to save water in multiple ways.

If you want to help pioneer the new technologies, consider contributing to Finding Drinking Water Solutions this #GivingTuesday or any time.

About the Author: Anna Kucirkova is a freelance writer who also works at Cornerstone University. She can be reached at: anna@cornerstoneuniversity.co