Crowdfunding Helps 9-Year-Old Boy Turn Lemons into Lemonade for Sick Infant Brother

A 9-year-year-old South Carolina boy is proving he can make lemonade out of lemons. In the two hours after he opened a lemonade stand at a used truck dealership in Greenwood, Andrew Emery raised some $6,000 to help his sick brother, Dylan, who suffers from Krabbe disease, a rare and often lethal neurological condition.

But that’s not all. South Carolina’s littlest entrepreneur went to social media, where the publicity he generated from his lemonade stand led to a crowdfunding campaign that raised $5,600 for his infant brother, who is currently in a Pittsburgh hospital receiving medical care, and another $1,300 at a benefit concert.

Libby Hikind, founder and CEO of the free crowdfunding website, said social media is an effective tool for expanding a campaign’s donor base beyond family, friends and work. But, social media channels including Twitter and Facebook should already be firmly established before launching a campaign. Once the campaign has begun on YouHelp, organizers should share donations and comments from contributors to inspire others to commit.

Andrew Emery had a social network that included some, perhaps, he had never met. After he pleaded on Facebook to “"Please come buy lemonade so I can raise money to help Dylan get better," the community converged on his stand, handing him stacks of cash for each cup of lemonade.

Andrew's father, Matthew, and stepmother, Melissa, have been stunned by the campaign but not in the least by the extension of love from their son. Meanwhile, Andrew has been talking to his baby brother on video calls and has big plans “to hug him” when he gets home. offers the best in crowdfunding capabilities to forward-thinking organizations, groups and individuals who want to connect their campaigns to the public. The process is simple: create a profile, a fundraising goal, and compelling message that prospects will find worthwhile — and launch. If the idea is deserving, people will pledge their support.


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