Crowdfunding Guidelines

Fundraising of any kind, is work – but seeing your idea come to fruition makes it all worthwhile.  To raise money, you need to reach out to possible contributors and create excitement and stimulate interest in your project.

UHelp, the crowdfunding website, has designed a unique 30-day plan to increase public awareness and interest in your project.

It’s important to accurately gauge your fundraising goal.  If it is too high, unrealistic, or does not match the need described people will contribute elsewhere.  If you are planning a stimulus package of perks, include the cost and shipping (if any) in the amount of money you want to raise.

After posting your UHelp campaign, begin the daily tasks that are part of our 30 days of free marketing.  Are you ready to be truly engaged for thirty days after the campaign is approved?  If not, let us know and we will take down your started project.

If yes, then start posting the most engaging campaign ever.  To sell your project, tell your back story.  Where did you start and how have you ended up where you are?  What are you hoping to raise funds for?  Detail where contributions will go.