Crowdfunding for Nonprofits Campaign Essentials

Sometimes it takes a village, sometimes it takes a crowd. One thing is certain, it doesn’t just take one or two individuals when it comes to crowdfunding for nonprofits. At YouHelp we emphasize the importance of campaign organizers’ efforts. You must do the work for your campaign to be potentially successful. We have a unique 30-day marketing plan that we have formulated for you to follow and raise the chances of reaching your funding goal.

Fundraising of any kind, is work – but seeing your idea come to fruition makes it all worthwhile.  To raise money, you need to reach out to possible contributors and create excitement and stimulate interest in your nonprofit, small business, invention or emergency need.

The interactive chart below is available to all campaigns once they go live from the navigation bar Tips and Templates tab.

Are you ready to be truly engaged for thirty days after the campaign is approved?  If not, let us know and we will take down your started project and put it up again when you’re ready. We’re here to help you succeed.

If you’re ready, then start posting and sharing the most engaging campaign ever with your crowd.

Here are some essentials:

  1. Personally contact your friends and family (your inner circle). These can be your strongest supporters.
  2. Send out emails to all your contacts.
  3. Use social media. Upload your email contacts to Facebook and other platforms and continue to build your contact base and post about your campaign regularly across platforms.
  4. Tell the story. An engaging story brings in donations
  5. Have a serious business plan you can present to anyone who asks. Include an explanation of how the money you raise will be used.
  6. Include a short, concise video pitch with a request for contributions.
  7. Have realistic goals.
  8. Thank your donors and supporters. Many experts recommend crowdfunding campaigns give gifts and rewards for different levels of giving.
  9. Be prepared to stay active on social media for the duration of your campaign.

For more information on building a successful campaign, see our recent article: The Three Circles of Fundraising and Crowdfunding Success.

crowdfunding for nonprofits provides a nonprofit, startup or individual with money to improve upon – or begin – its enterprises. In addition, it provides a potential base of followers on your social media. So, post often and respond to questions. For businesses, the exposure provides potential customers and for nonprofits, future donors. Your crowdfunding for nonprofits campaign can be the first time an individual hears about your organization.

If your story, or pitch text, is not engaging, you are less likely to obtain contributions. Luckily, YouHelp offers flexible funding. So, if you don’t reach your monetary goal you can keep whatever funds you raise. For your pitch text to be engaging, tell your back story. Where did you start and how have you ended up where you are? What are you hoping to raise funds for? Provide details about where contributions will go.

It’s important to accurately gauge your fundraising goal.  If it is too high, unrealistic, or does not match the need described, people will contribute elsewhere. If you are planning a stimulus package of perks include their cost and the cost for shipping (if any) in the amount of money you want to raise.

For more information, talk to our crowdfunding mentor today: 888-240-1494, or start a crowdfunding campaign for you nonprofit today on YouHelp.

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