Choosing The Perfect Perks

What are perks?

A perk for your UHelp campaign is a thank-you reward offered to crowdfunding campaign contributors in exchange for their donation of a specified amount of money. A perk may be tangible, such as a button or pin with the campaign’s logo, or intangible, such as a written recognition in the campaign’s upcoming newsletter. Based on the quality/significance of the reward, a perk is assigned an exchange value—the amount of money that a contributor must donate in order to receive the perk.

How can perks help a campaign?

Because they are distributed exclusively to people who financially support a campaign, perks act as an incentive to motivate funders to donate larger amounts of money. Some funders support campaigns for the sake of giving and/or for the benefit of the finished project. A campaign without perks may receive many small ($5 – $20) contributions because the campaign itself is well-written and convincing. A campaign that offers thank-you rewards, though, will receive larger donations because they offer an additional prize for the financial support as well as a suggested contribution amount, which gives supporters an idea of preferred donations.

What perks should a crowdfunding campaign offer?

Perks should be selected based on the campaign’s ideal audience as well as the topic of the campaign itself. With every given fundraiser, there is a specific market that is most likely to donate. That market tends to have some relation to the campaign itself. A campaign to rebuild a church, for example, will be popular among religious associations and individuals. Perks for such a campaign should be suitable for that market and pertain to the unique conditions of the campaign. To follow the example, appropriate perks could include a hand-written thank-you letter, a recognition plaque in the entrance hall or even a courtyard dedication. The extent of the perk depends on how much the supporter donates.

How much money should a campaign spend on perks?

Perks should not break a campaign’s budget. The purpose of the thank-you rewards is to maximize donations—not sell campaign-related items at an exchange value. The cost of a perk should not exceed 20% (including shipping costs) of the corresponding donation amount. For example, a $5 button cannot be paired with a $20 donation, as it exceeds the 20% limit, but a $20 t-shirt can be paired with a $100 donation.

Perks are optional for UHelp campaigns, but they significantly help raise funds. You can add perks to your campaign on Day 3 of the free 30-Day Marketing Program. If you would like professional advice in choosing and creating thank-you rewards, contact a UHelp expert at

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is a Copy Editor for UHelp.