Help Our Charity while falling in love again!

Help Our Charity while falling in love again! This should be the slogan of your next online fundraiser.

Charities across the nation have been coming up with creative ways to continue their mission. I applaud the creative success stories that I have heard about. Organizations that prioritized in the early stages of the pandemic have really come up big.

Covid 19 has taken a heavy toll on personal relationships.

One of the most difficult issues for couples during the Covid Pandemic is that couples were not used to spending so much time together. Even though many couples enjoy each other’s company they kind of like their daily routines. Children being home from school and being limited to what one can do outdoors makes things even more difficult to share quality time. Help to relieve stress is one of the main objectives of during these uncertain times. Reports show that 46 percent of parents claim to be experiencing high levels of stress lately. came up with this unique campaign idea to help your charity transition to online fundraising.


Couples date night competition.

The way it works is as follows. Your nonprofit picks a night sometime shortly soon. You advertise and promote the event to friends and donors on all of your social media channels. The goal of the organization is to sign up as many couples as possible. We suggest that the date night competition consists of a minimum of 25 couples. A couple joining has to donate/raise a minimum of $100 to the sponsoring charity.

Each team has to upload posts and short videos describing why they deserve to win the grand prize.

Each team has to upload posts and short videos describing why they deserve to win the grand prize. The compelling content should be shared on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. The goal of the posts is to excite their friends to vote for them. Charities can offer runner up prizes if they wish. All online promoting must share the campaign link.

Family members and pets are invited to participate in date night.

Popular ideas for a date maybe creating a virtual Italian pizza shop in the backyard. Another option is to develop posters out of old pictures and design a room of your house as a trip down memory lane. This romantic atmosphere will surely rekindle old loving memories. The options are literally endless.

The charities should set up a 3 person judge panel. If the charity can get a popular star or a community figure to be one of the judges that would be a huge bonus for the campaign.

Nonprofits can offer vendors different levels of corporate sponsorships.

Nonprofits can offer vendors different levels of corporate sponsorships. The grand prize should have a substantial monetary value of between $5000-$10000 if possible. Simply the more valuable the prize is the more competitors your charity can expect. requires that all prizes have to be received as a donation from donors. The donor may receive advertising benefits.

Facebook engagement should be a leading factor for Judges

Facebook engagement should be a leading factor for Judges. The leading factors for determining the winner are creativity, social media engagement, and enthusiasm levels, and most importantly the number of funds raised.

Nonprofits should award an additional prize to the couple that raises the most amount of money for the charity organizing the event.

Nonprofits need to make sure that they share the event on all of their social media channels and link the payment to their campaign.

For more information on how your charity can start a fall in love again, campaign send an email to

Major Donor Relations Dilemma

Hi, this is Isaac and I work as a crowdfunding coach at really enjoy my work because I am able to assist so many wonderful people to raise money for so many important causes. Lately, I have been even more impressed at how courageous these leaders are for being able to have such resilience during such difficult times. Donor relations can be very tricky at these uncertain times.

Recently one of our Nonprofits that we mentor crowdfunding for came to us with a major dilemma. Over the last six months, donations have fallen to below half of our annual income. We have had to cut down paid staff in half and even are contemplating relocating to a less expensive location. We have had hard times in the past and somehow we have always found a way to get through it.

This year is different you see, we just found out that our wealthiest philanthropist Charles who single-handedly carried a heavy burden of the annual budget on his shoulders has just filed for bankruptcy due to COVID 19. Over the years Charles has really become a friend and a partner of the organization. Our issue is that as a way to say Thank you to Charles each year our organization spends a lot of time and effort in hosting his massive Birthday Party that he truly deserves.

His birthday is literally around the corner. Charles has already mentioned to us several times not even to think about a party this year. As difficult things have been for us he must be dealing with so much pain and anxiety. It is so important for him to understand that his friendship means much more than his donor relationship.
What do we do this year with Charles’s annual Birthday Party?

Which option is best for Donor Relations?

Option A.

Postpone the very much needed crowdfunding project with and focus on the birthday party.

Option B.
Explain to Charles how much he is important to us however this year we need to be fully focused on our crowdfunding campaign in order for us to keep the lights on.

Option C.

Make Charles the head of the crowdfunding campaign. Convincing him to be a leader again will be the biggest Birthday gift we can give him and when we reach our goal the birthday celebration will be one that he will never forget!

Please comment and let me know what you think should be done.