Crowdfunding on social media: How to cut through the noise and stand out!

As a crowdfunding coach for, one of the main topics I discuss with my clients is how to cut through the noise. There are over 800 million posts on social media every day, and the only way someone is going to view your crowdfunding campaign is by cutting through the noise.

Since we were in Kindergarten, our teachers Have Taught Usto fit into a cookie-cutter system.

With millions of students in thousands of schools, our educational system can only function in this type of environment. And so, as children we were consistently admonished for any and all wild or unusual behavior. We became well trained, and over the years, we learned to fit in.

Fear of being humiliated by our peers for trying to express ourselves the way we want caused a mental block for most of us when it comes to advertising our initiatives.

When it comes to your marketing your Crowdfunding campaign on social media, be prepared to go places you haven’t gone in maybe forever.

For a successful campaign on social media, you must feel so connected to your cause that you are willing to take the risk of embarrassment and humiliation from those that are jealous of you.

I remember years ago my uncle Bob said to me ”Yitz, be careful in life. If you stick your head above the crowd, you will get your head chopped off.”

It took me years to understand what he meant: that no matter what you accomplish in life, don’t lift your head above anyone else out of ego. Instead, continue to see yourself as just another face in the crowd.

However, the only way you can be seen is to do something more creative than others.

I want to be clear I am against any type of unhealthy or life-threatening ideas just to stand out! That is not what I mean. I mean expressing yourself in a healthy way that shows your individuality and the importance of your campaign. Do something else — something different! Something smarter. Use your creativity to stand out on social media.

So, how DO you stand out?

Just like there are no two identical snowflakes, there are no two identical people. Each person has his or her personal profile, with his or her personal experiences. Those life experiences are what led you to decide to launch your nonprofit’s crowdfunding campaign on By sharing what you’ve learned on your journey through life, you become more authentic. And this authenticity is exactly what your social media audience wants.

to cut through the noise — and share your quest with others –you must find your voice!

As a crowdfunding coach, I work with campaign leaders to help them find their voice. This is the voice that’s you’ve toned down over the years for the sake of uniformity and to spare yourself possible humiliation.

Once we find your voice, we can choose which social media platforms are the best for your campaign.

For some, it might mean creating personal videos and uploading them to your YouTube channel. For others, it could be creating a weekly podcast. But once you have found your voice and you are ready to sing your song, I assure you that the crowd will quiet itself in order to hear you.

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Stimulus for Good, a Initiative!

Stimulus for good, a initiative: Join us as we embark on our project to help rebuild the lives of our loved ones.

Millions of Americans will soon be getting another round of emergency stimulus funding. And for many people, these funds will come as a true life saver. Some people will use the money to fill up their food pantries. And for other families, these funds will help pay the rent, mortgage, or other vital utilities.

However, many Americans were blessed to financially survive this pandemic with little negative effects.

So before you run out and buy something you may or may not need, I would like to suggest another option.

How about giving a portion of the funds to charity?

There are many benefits to giving to a charity. And there is probably no better action that one can do to build up self-esteem than helping others. At the end of the day, the mere fact that you have made a positive impact in another person’s life has made that day worthwhile.

Are you existing or are you really alive? Ask yourself if you are growing as a person.

There is no better sign for all living organisms than growth. The fact is, you are only really living when you are growing. When one makes space in their heart for someone, they create room for new light to enter their life. By assisting someone who is in desperate need of funds, you are, in effect, sharing the breath of life.

So, if you are open to the option of sharing a part of your check or, if you are feeling very generous, most or all of your check, here are a few ideas of who you should give to.

First and foremost, you should look to your family.

As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. Even if you haven’t spoken in years or even you had a past fallout, now is the time to look past that and rise to the occasion of greatness.

Don’t for a second believe that just because they say all is well, that it’s really is true.

If your family member lost a business or job due to the pandemic, chances are they are struggling financially. Perhaps you have relatives that need to add extra medical attention due to the pandemic. It could very well be that they can use the funds to help cover those costs.

Many family members may be too proud to accept the money, so try offering it as a long-term loan. Another option is to find a mutual friend or relative to help convince family members to accept the gift.

It is so easy to judge people in a negative way. However, today I dare you to try something new. Judge people and specifically these family members in a positive light. If there is a rift, try to find a reason that shows perhaps whatever caused the issue was completely not as you thought but much more innocent.

Stimulus For Good, A Initiative!
Stimulus For Good, A Initiative!

If you are satisfied that there are no family members in need of your help, turn to your friends. As the saying goes, friends are family that we choose for ourselves. Here, if you used your charitable funds to mend a broken relationship, the positive impact would be even more valuable.

Make sure to give the funds with tact and add a good word or two.

You can come out of this as a big winner on so many fronts. So, plan your giving by making sure that your act of giving does not unintentionally embarrass anyone.

If family and friends are all in good standing, I highly suggest that you scroll through some very important campaigns on our crowdfunding platform.

As a crowdfunding coach, I know many of these selfless individuals working so hard to spread light and hope throughout the world.

My final suggestion to you today is to share your story.

The inspiration from your story of kindness can help motivate others to follow in similar footsteps. Stimulus for Good is an important initiative! Use your Facebook and Twitter account to broadcast the positive action to encourage others. As Americans, we can show the world what true value social media has when used as a tool to spread good deeds.

Finally, if you have an inspirational story of a positive act that was accomplished through the stimulus checks, please send it to, so that we can share it on our social media channels.