YouHelp Gives Nonprofits 10% Paid Advertising

It’s no secret that despite YouHelp offering the same features as our competitors’ sites, we are still one of the newer & smaller crowdfunding platform “brands.” It would also be easy to argue that being the product of our mother site GrantWatch that we have been helping Nonprofits find the funding they need a lot longer than some might be aware of.

We truly understand the difficulties that organizations face when it comes to marketing a fundraising campaign. Even though crowdfunding remains the fastest, easiest and most economical way to begin raising money immediately, where do you go with marketing your campaign once your personal contact well runs dry?

As the YouHelp team put our thoughts together to find a feasible solution, team members were asked to keep one thing in mind and that was our core mission: How can we help nonprofits, businesses, and people raise money?

Once a YouHelp campaign receives its first $5 donation the campaign is then set to “GO LIVE.” What this essentially means is that the campaign will now receive optimization from YouHelp. Besides already receiving a free campaign platform, the campaign creator now receives 6 Weeks of Tips, Free Live Support, Organic Social Media Posts, across all platforms, and the potential to become a YouHelp Featured Campaign.

Tip, Tip

Another fact that we like to remind our campaign managers is that our site is 100% free to use. There is, of course, the credit card processing fee that applies to every donation but remains reliant on the “tips” we’re given by the donors of your campaign. Tipping YouHelp is more than appreciated but never required.

Now we get to the exciting part! As of February 2020, YouHelp is now offering all its nonprofit users 10% back towards social media paid advertising. In other words, Nonprofit organizations will now receive 10% of YouHelp’s tip amounts applied to a paid advertisement on our Instagram & Facebook social media pages promoting their campaign. So, if your donors tip us $10.00, we will use 10% or $1.00 of that amount to promote your campaign.

A blog can’t express our true desire to help you raise money for your cause. Since the beginning of GrantWatch & on to YouHelp, our mission remains to support you in reaching your fundraising goal.

If you would like more information on anything fundraising-related don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at 1(888) 240 – 1494. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM-6 PM EST.

How I Raised $1400+ Crowdfunding

It wasn’t until I began working for that I really had a reason to explore the platform of fundraising known as “crowdfunding.” Over the years I’ve seen several fundraisers online asking for contributions but never really contemplated the fact that I was being asked to donate to a “crowdfunding campaign.” Now, as a crowdfunding website manager, I am continuously amazed by the success stories I help create. I have drawn the conclusion that when it comes to raising money immediately there is no comparison in simplicity or effectiveness. Needless to say, when the time would come that I would need to raise money, YouHelp crowdfunding would be the first method I would turn to.

His name was Desmond Bryan, much better known around town as Desi. Desi was a man revered for his friendliness, his smile, strong laughter and conversations about the metaphysical, or spiritual, portion of our existence. Anyone Desi would speak with would receive his utmost attention, words of wisdom in times of trouble and encouragement to move on to the ideas that truly mattered in this life. Desi was living a seemingly happy and healthy lifestyle until he was tragically diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

After courageously fighting a relatively short battle with cancer, Desi has now passed on to his next life leaving behind his family including 2 daughters and several grandchildren. If you have ever experienced the loss of a loved one then you know the swarm of emotions that follow, along with a financial burden that comes with a meaningful memorial. As the time came to say goodbye to my friend Desi the only proactive approach that seemed right was to help his family in any way I could.

Acting as quickly as possible I went to, and for the first time as a website user, I created a YouHelp crowdfunding campaign. Appropriately titled “A Gift for Desi’s Family” I would now be forced to test my abilities and experience as a “campaign success manager.” Well versed in the strategies I have been advising, I went on to follow my own advice and ended up developing some new techniques along the way.

For clarity purposes here are some of the steps I took in bullet form:

  • Campaign Appearance – I did the best I could to choose the right campaign photo as well as my campaign owner profile pic. I knew that the picture of Desi and his family would help captivate attention when it was shared as well as tell the story to anyone viewing. I don’t consider myself to be a great writer but again did the best I could to tell the story making sure it wasn’t too short or too long. For a finishing touch, I added one of his favorite Bob Marley songs via YouTube video link.
  • Build A Team – After the campaign was created the first thing I did was reach out to friends that knew Desi to help spread the word about the campaign. I also asked for their email addresses and added them to the campaign team via the “Tip and Templates” section in my YouHelp account.
  • Promote – Using Facebook as my primary source to reach potential donors I shared the campaign from my FB profile tagging everyone I was connected to that knew Desi. After I shared the campaign, I went on to comment the link on posts people made about Desi’s passing. I then went to Desi’s profile, found the “mutual friends” section and sent the campaign to anyone we shared as friends via instant messenger.
  • Text Messaging – After I did what I could utilizing Facebook, I brainstormed a list of people and sent them the link via text message.
  • Sharing – I encouraged anyone that was unable to give a donation to share the link. This was a free way they could still support the campaign.
  • Did My Best – By setting my fundraising goal at $5,000 I was intentionally being overly ambitious. Although I would have loved to reach my fundraising goal, I aimed for the stars and did the best that I could. If you would like to help me raise the additional $3700 and reach the $5,000 goal it’s not too late to give by visiting: A Gift for Desi’s Family. It was undoubtedly a great feeling to hand his daughter Emma our $1300 gift. It was most certainly enough money to make a difference that she wouldn’t have received otherwise.

My efforts definitely didn’t go unnoticed as I was thanked repeatedly by everyone involved for taking the initiative to help. In the end, it was a great feeling to help Desi’s family and one can only hope that the favor is returned. My advice to anyone looking to raise money using a YouHelp campaign is to follow our tips and templates, call or email our customer support if you need help 1(888) 240-1494, and most importantly do the best you can.