How to Go Beyond Inspiration When Crowdfunding

A friend of mine came up to me the other day and told me the following story: “I went to a funeral this morning for one of my teachers. At the funeral, I started to think about how short life is and how important it is to make a positive contribution to the world. Every day is a gift and I have to make the most of it.”

“Then the family spoke about the many people the teacher had helped in his life, and I was truly inspired to make some real changes for the better in my own life. I was even inspired to give more when the head of an important local charity shared how dedicated he was with his own anonymous monthly contributions.

Then my friend posed this question: “Do you know how long my inspiration lasted?”

I answered, “Dave, knowing you I would say probably by the time you got home.”

He replied, “I guess you don’t know me well enough, because as soon as I could not see the cemetery from my rearview mirror, the inspiration was already gone!

Tips to help you go beyond inspiration

Inspiration is the spark that gets you started. However, Inspiration is also like a sailboat in the wind. The sails are full and the schooner is cutting through the water. When the wind stops, so does the sailboat.

So what can we do to hold onto the positive decisions that we make when we are inspired and transform them into a reality?

What I will share with you now is one of the key points that I share with my campaign leaders in our coaching sessions. In reality, it is really easy and simple so pay attention. Are you ready?

Take five small, positive actions each day.

That is the difference between success and failure! Now let me explain why it is so important. You see, actions consistently repeated turn into habits. So, taking five positive actions each day will eventually turn into a habit of positive action.

You will need to make time for those positive actions in your daily routine. Where will you find the time in your busy life? One way is by removing some of the less productive habits from your schedule.

Turn positive steps into a habit.

You turn your positive steps into a habit just by doing them every day. Once your positive actions become a habit, you will look back and realize that you are transformed and elevated to a new positive person. And, your peers and colleagues will view you that way, too.

Don’t let negative thinking hold you back.

Don’t listen to any negative thoughts in your head telling you how insignificant your actions are because they are small. If you start small and check each action off, just watch and see! At the end of the month, those many small actions have grown into noticeable changes.

Consistency is an important factor to success.

Sharing these positive actions on Facebook and other social media channels will establish you as a leader which projects positive outcomes.

The difference between the successful crowdfunding campaigns and those that are not is a follow up plan. Successful crowdfunding campaigns all create a follow up plan to turn inspiration into consistent action.

A crowdfunding coach will help you create those vital steps of action to make sure your campaign succeeds.

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Dream It and Believe It

If you dream it, it will come. How many of you remember the movie, “Field of Dreams,” starring Kevin Costner? For the younger generation who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you watch it. It is a very inspiring movie that helps motivate leaders to go after their dreams – to “dream it and believe it.”

Crowdfunding for a mission has a lot in common with the methodology of this film. You see, in order to get your project funded, you have to picture your project already done and then work backward. There is a direct connection between one’s dream and what one is destined to do in this world. If you dreamt it then the means exist for you to accomplish your dream. The only question is: Will you do the work that is needed in order to get it done?

The problem is that we often let naysayers get in the way of our dreams. We bump into a wall, and we hear the voices of all those negative people saying, “I told you so!” When that happens, most of us pack up our bags and head home. After all, very few people have the level of willpower to keep on going when the chips get stacked against us. So, here are a few tips for you to get through the difficult faces in a crowdfunding campaign.

1. Create a vivid vision.

You had a vision of a better future, and as a crowdfunding campaign leader you must keep that vision alive and well for everyone to see. Express your vision in its fullest details, making it as vivid as possible. Make sure the vision is so real that you can even smell the flowers and taste the freshly brewed coffee. Picture the people coming and going into your nonprofit and thanking you and your staff for the tremendous difference you made in their lives. Now take that vision and go over to and create some social media posts that portray that vision to the world. Share it out on your Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

2. Psyche yourself up with excitement!

Pinch yourself and ask yourself: Are you awake or are you still sleeping? People don’t follow leaders that are sleeping. They want to follow leaders that are filled with enthusiasim for their mission. People look to connect with people whose lives are alive with a purpose! So ask yourself, just how passionate are you about your mission? Leaders that are passionate about their mission see their mission much greater than something bound to their physical capabilities. The only way your mission will get to where it needs to get to is by jumpstarting inner excitement of those around you to join with you in your cause.

3. Design and implement a practical strategy to reach your goals.

A dream will stay a dream unless you plan a practical strategy to implement your dream. Some people who are dreamers have a bit of trouble with this step. This is where the coaching sessions come in. Working with a coach will help you set practical, smaller milestone goals in order to build your way up the ladder to reach your final goal. Once those milestone goals are reached, you will start to see the formation of the project. This will encourage you to move up on the ladder step by step, rung upon rung, until we get there together.

4. Use the weekly goals chart.

The goals chart asks campaign leaders to carefully list five small daily goals that they accomplished. Starting off with a low bar and working ourselves slowly upwards keeps away the desire to quit. The goals chart is how we open our coaching sessions, so that team leaders can share their accomplishments and discuss what difficulties they are having with reaching their goals. In addition, by the mere fact of knowing that the goals chart will be reviewed by the coach, can provide a positive pressure to campaign leaders to make sure the goals are accomplished.

5. Truly believe in your mission.

There is a famous story of a poor person that came to a mystical holy man and asked for a miracle to help him with his financial situation. The holy man gave the poor person some money and told him to buy a ticket for this week’s lottery drawing. The poor person purchases the lottery ticket with the first prize in the hundreds of millions.

A few minutes later he bumps into his friend, excited that he purchased a lottery ticket with the money from the holy Man and soon he will be a millionaire. His friend asks him to sell him the ticket for $1,000. The poor person says, “No way, this is the winning ticket. I am not letting it go for less than $5,000.” His friend purchases the ticket for $5,000 and wins the lottery. So, the reality is based on what you truly believe to be true. You can only expect other people to believe in your mission as much as you truly believe in it. So, dream it and believe it!

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