Light Up Your Chanuka With These 8 Crowdfunding Tips

Light Up Your Chanuka With These 8 Crowdfunding Tips! In case you haven’t heard has rolled out our affordable coach based crowdfunding platform. Now for as low as $1 a day your nonprofit organization can get tips like these and more customized to fit your campaign.

Our CEO Libby Hikind expressed how excited she was to roll out the affordable crowdfunding platform just in time for the holidays.” Other platforms charge as much as $250 a month for crowdfunding coached based platform. We understood that during these difficult financial times nonprofits need help transitioning to online fundraising at an affordable price.”

As a holiday gift, we asked our coaches to share with the public some bright crowdfunding ideas this Chanuka. As it turns out the 8 tips were discovered from the menorah lighting practices and traditions themselves.

The first lesson nonprofits can learn is the importance of developing a step-by-step crowdfunding plan. Just as we start the first night of Chanukah with one candle and each night we add on slowly building up to eight so too your charity must have a step-by-step crowdfunding plan from start to finish.

The second lesson we can learn is the importance of proper preparation. As we all know the better the preparation the better the outcome. To light a menorah you need oil, wicks, and a menorah. You also need to know where you will be placing the menorah and who will be lighting the menorah. Since you will be lighting for 8 days and each day you will be adding on you need to properly plan the quantities of these products beforehand. With crowdfunding, you have to know what and who you will need to pull off a successful campaign. Delegate the work to the proper staff and make sure they have everything they need to complete their tasks.

The third lesson we can learn is from the purity of the oil. The best way to light a menorah is with pure virgin olive oil. In crowdfunding the clearer your messaging is to your audience the higher response rate you can expect from your audience. The clearer you are with your expectations from your team the better the results.

The fourth lesson is after reciting the prayers it is customary to sing holiday songs next to the lights. This brings a good spirit and creates a healthy and positive environment. The crowdfunding team manager should always make sure to create a positive and healthy fundraising environment. timing

The fifth lesson is timing. On Chanuka, there is a specific time when to light the candles. We commemorate the miracle of Chanuka at the time of day that it will get the most publicity. The time when people are walking in the streets and will view the lights as they are returning home from the marketplace. So to your crowdfunding timing should be properly planned. There are certain times of the year that people are more prone to donate. Such as Holiday and Tax season. In addition, when posting ads on social media there are certain times of the day that yield better results than others lean those times and post accordingly.

Crowdfunding in Today's Divided Country
Crowdfunding in Today’s Divided Country

The sixth crowdfunding lesson where you light your menorah. One should light his menorah in a place where it can be easily viewed by the masses. Marketing your crowdfunding campaign should be carefully planned. Investigate which publications it’s worth to advertise in and where can you get worthwhile free exposure for your campaign. Make sure to check and see if your Facebook or Twitter posts are getting the engagement you are looking for. Constantly go back and follow the results of your posts to see which platforms outperform others. Light

The seventh lesson from menorah lighting is the importance to focus on the lights. There are a lot of things that can not go as planned in a crowdfunding campaign. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by failures. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Always focus on what is working and how to expand it. Ask your team for input on what they can do to further grow the success they are already experiencing.

Each candle has its own beautiful and unique light and has to have its space to express itself. However, that candle is placed in a menorah which accentuates its light as it shines together with the other candles. So for our eighth idea we suggest that when building your crowdfunding team it is best to find the highest level of crowdfunding talent you can get that are capable of working as team players. Only people that value the collective efforts of a team will properly assist you in reaching your campaign goals. is a coach based crowdfunding platform that enables nonprofits to crowdfund with confidence. To find out how your nonprofit can take advantage of crowdfunding with a coach send an email to

Nonprofits: Holiday Season is for Online Partnerships!

Nonprofits: Holiday Season is for Online Partnerships! Asking customers to add a few dollars to their bill befor check out can be a terrific way to raise funds online.

Teaming up with a online vendor during the holiday season is a great way to raise money. Besides for raising money it is also a great way at getting tons of publicity about your nonprofit organization.

Everyone knows that there is no shopping season like the holiday season. Teaming up with a popular online store can become a win-win situation for both vendor and charity. The vendor gets an added value by showing its customers that they are a caring and loving company. In addition, they should look into the possibilities of getting an in-kind receipt for advertising space on their site.

The nonprofit can raise some real money by just being an option button before checkout.


Below is a story that is written in the Jewish of wonderful cooperation that has generated over 2 million dollars in nonprofit fundraising.

About 45 minutes before a recent El Al flight from Israel landed at JFK Airport, the pilot made a non-flight-related announcement on the public address system. Pointing passengers’ attention to a small envelope stowed in every seat pocket, he said, “Any small change you may have can make an enormous difference in children’s lives.”

The pilot was making a pitch for “Small Change, Big Difference,” a fundraising campaign the Israeli airline conducts on behalf of two Israeli charities – Alut –The Israeli Society for Autistic Children; and the Aleh Foundation, which cares for disabled Israeli adults and children.

The “Small Change, Big Difference” campaign puts El Al in the ranks of several other international and domestic airlines that conduct similar on-board collections. Some of them collect every year for recipients like UNICEF, some of them collect on a limited basis for the victims of diseases or national disasters. Aleh and Alut proposed that El Al initiate the on-board campaign on their behalf; the airline readily agreed, and has maintained its relationship with the two organizations since then.

“The funds raised from the campaign are crucial,” says Elie Klein, an Aleh spokesman

“The funds raised from the campaign are crucial,” says Elie Klein, an Aleh spokesman. “The spare change collected defrays the costs of everything from basic operating expenses to paramedical enrichment programs to extra curricular programming.

“At El Al’s request,” Klein says, “there is no recognition of the program at the Aleh facilities.”

The campaign’s funds most recently helped Alut establish a new rehabilitation daycare center in Modi’in for children with autism.

The campaign’s funds most recently helped Alut establish a new rehabilitation day care center in Modi’in for children with autism. “This year, thanks to the project, Alut expanded its number of after-school social clubs for autistic children throughout the country,” Rachel Rosenman, a spokeswoman for Alut (, tells The Jewish Week in an email interview. “These clubs provide special activities suited for the autistic children, such as music therapy, animal therapy, yoga, storytelling, etc.”

Alut operates 10 centers around the country for adults with autism; at one, the adults sort and count the funds collected in the campaign and prepare them for deposit in the bank. Aleh cares for more than 650 severely disabled children and young adults at four residential facilities.

To find out more how your nonprofit can create a synergy with an online company write to