Bring Popular Mindfulness Trends Together for Success in the Workplace

 Crowdfunding for fundraising has become all the rage. Another popular trend is the idea of “mindfulness.”  Here’s a way to bring them together for success and for more work-life balance.  Practicing the mindfulness principle, dampa sum, from Tibetan Buddhism, and developing this skill, can keep you focused, on track and enhance your enjoyment at work and in all you do.  

These steps are keys to crowdfunding success and everything you underatake: purpose, practice, and pensive reflection. 

In her book, How We Work, Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity and Embrace the Daily Grind, mindfulness expert Dr. Leah Weiss writes about “dampa sum,” meaning “good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end,” in the Tibetan language.

To practice mindfulness, you don’t need to sit silently or add any new activities to your busy schedule.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere at any time. It’s a way of meditating at every moment, the entire day, whether at home or work, alone or in a crowded room. Dr. Weiss, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business who studied with the Dali Lama, teaches that this is possible.  It just requires that we redefine (or rather, correctly define) the word “meditation.”

The word “meditation” is a translation from the Tibetan word “gom.”  A more literal definition of this word, says Weiss, is simply “familiarization” or “getting to know your mind and heart.”  When explained this way, we can let go of preconceived notions and expectations and embrace every moment as an opportunity to “familiarize” ourselves with our own hearts and minds.  In fact, anything we do –  can become a meditation.

Mindfulness is a state of conscious awareness in which we calmly acknowledge and accept our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations from moment to moment. It’s a way of living in the present moment, doing our best at each moment, and getting back on track quickly the moment we become aware that we’ve fallen out of that state.  It’s recognizing the humanity and commonality of everyone you work and interact with.

It’s developing an attitude of gratitude and staying in the present moment.

Weiss likens dampa sum to design thinking and the scientific method: Hypothesis, experimentation and conclusion.  “This goes for anything and is a continuous feedback loop,”

“These concepts can be applied to everything we do, including each phase of writing a grant or launching a crowdfunding campaign,” said Libby Hiking, CEO and founder of GrantWatch in a recent conversation.

“We’re all so busy, who has time to meditate? What struck me about Dr. Weiss’ book was the idea that we don’t have to do something different than we’re already doing, just change our perspective. We can apply the concept, good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end, to everything we do.”

How We Work

Good in the beginning 

Set the right or a good intention in the beginning for how you’re going to do something according to the result you want to achieve.  For crowdfunding this means researching and defining your target audience, how much you need and wish to raise. Determine how to market your campaign, keeping in mind the possible requirements and expectations of your contributors. Research both the market and the competition to create an ideal marketing strategy for your target audience. 

Good in the middle

Doing the thing with clarity obtained by setting our intention.

This means taking the steps in the process toward achieving your goal with an awareness in alignment with your intention. Stay positive.

In relation to crowdfunding you would fully create your campaign, blog about it regularly, send out press releases to local, municipal or larger media, depending on the scope of your campaign, keep building your email list(s) and send out professional looking emails and email blasts.  Email is a great way to promote your content, upcoming events, or any special deals you can offer.  

Keep getting the word out on social media. Ask friends and family to like your posts and to repost them. 

Make the most of your immediate connections and cultivate more.  Link your YouHelp campaign to all your social media. Get out there and post to FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and any others you might  have. Invite friends to Like your campaign and your posts and to repost or retweet them. Keep up that attitude of gratitude and staying in the present moment. Think of your intention to achieve your goal.  SO many great ideas will come to you of how to market your campaign while you are good in the middle and positive.

Good in the end 

‘Good in the end’ means reflecting on how it went (or how it’s going, if it’s still going on). 

So set the proper intention and keep it in mind as you proceed.  Remember: Purpose, Practice, Reflection.“Dampa Sum” is about nothing less (and nothing more) than seeing clearly, putting your mind and heart into what you’re doing, and understanding how you can change your eperience, by changing your perspective and behavior.

It’s a way of being in the world and can be applied to everything you do.

Crowdfunding has made raising funds quite accessible and easy for businesses and nonprofits, but it doesn’t happen automatically. When you market your campaign effectively, you can turn your dreams into reality. There’s a saying, “Everything will turn out good in the end. So, if it’s not good yet, it’s not the end.” Never give up, and always thank your funders. helps nonprofits, NGOs, individuals and small business owners launch campaigns to fund their mission. YouHelp is powered by GrantWatch. For more information on starting a campaign, contact or (888) 240-1494

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