Are You Dizzy, Yet? The Circles of Crowdfunding

Does your personal needs crowdfunding project have you feeling like you're going in circles? Follow this crowdfunding model to make your project successful!

If you are creating a YouHelp crowdfunding campaign on behalf of an organization, follow the same guidelines below for each Board Member and campaign team member and your project will have an even greater reach.

Starting a crowdfunding project is much like throwing a stone into a pond.

The ripples that the stone creates are:

First Circle: Friends and Family

The first step to building a strong crowdfunding project begins with your closest supporters, your friends and family. These personal connections allow you to create a foundation from which you may build a close, targeted audience of supporters. Why are friends and family so important to the fledgling stages of your crowdfunding project? It is NOT because they may be a guaranteed source of financial support for your project.

These initial supporters enable you to build confidence and trust in other potential donors, many of whom may not personally know you. Therefore, this first ring of supporters gives your project credibility and traction.

This is essential if your project is to advance to the next stages of fundraising. Initial supporters indirectly encourage other, unfamiliar viewers to support a project that already has backing.  No one wants to be the first, and potentially the only, supporter of a project dead in the water!  When beginning your crowdfunding project, don’t look passed the people who are willing to support you the most!

Second Circle: Colleagues and Acquaintances

Once you have gained the support of your friends and family, your project is ready to expand to the second circle of fundraising! The second circle includes all of your friends' friends, and your family’s professional and distant contacts, most of whom you may not know personally or directly, such as your father’s co-workers or one of your friend’s professional acquaintances.

This ring of supporters will likely hinge upon the ability of you and your close supporters’ ability to network your project to people not directly interested in your personal goals. This ring is not difficult to engage, but to get a high conversion rate, these people will generally support if they identify with your project.

The second circle of supporters is a crucial turning point in your crowdfunding project.  This circle is the litmus test as to whether or not your project will move on.  If your project cannot successfully gain second-circle supporters, your chances of gaining momentum at the third circle will be at a marginal disadvantage.

Third Circle: Total Strangers and Potential Supporters

The third circle of crowdfunding supporters is your sink or swim moment!

Have you incrementally ramped up your project with insightful updates about your project’s status, positive feedback to your supporters, and promotional posts on all of your social media platforms?  This information is important because the last thing you want for your project is to appear static.  Show progress!  If people have seen your project but have remained undecided to support, now is the time to convince any stragglers to donate!

Tapping into the third circle of crowdfunding supporters may be difficult, as you cannot rely on personal connections as heavily – like you did in the closer circles of supporters.  Nonetheless, you may still personalize your project with social media promotions to garner support from these strangers and potential donors.  For example, upload videos and images for your posts to to show people your project development.  If supporters do not see you working twice as hard to gain their financial support, they simply will not care.  Post about all of your activities relevant to your project.  Demonstrate that you are participating in the community to which your crowdfunding project will contribute.

Most importantly, show your gratitude!

This cannot be underestimated. Your supporters work hard for their money, so do not take their contributions lightly.  Show your appreciation by thanking everyone who has donated, and continue to engage your project’s audience with your online presence.

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