Agriculture Funding in a Modern World

Agriculture is essential for a country to produce the food they need to survive. Farmers are finding it difficult to obtain the funds they need to keep their farms in business. Agriculture rakes in trillions of dollars to the U.S. economy. In fact, the Agriculture industry contributed $1.053 trillion dollars to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, as per the United States Department of Agriculture. However, finding money to help your farm grow and survive is very difficult. It’s no wonder that people in the Agriculture industry are looking into grants and crowdfunding. Here is a list of the top 3 Agriculture campaigns on YouHelp.

Teaching Farming To Children With Autism

Gifted Children, Inc is a nonprofit organization that is raising funds to buy a farm. They teach children who are on the Autism Spectrum skills and knowledge about farming and agriculture. They believe differently-abled children will benefit from being outdoors and learning how to farm.

Micro Farming for Urban Planing

Kevin Ostrander is an agriculture entrepreneur who is looking to start his own micro farming project to study urban farming and solve the problem of growing fruits and vegetables in a limited space while keeping energy costs low.

He will be using the funds to purchase:

  • One small building
  • One oxygen concentrator
  • Worm and worm beds
  • Racks and lights
  • Water tanks

Drinking Water Solutions for Dulce Guajira

Ella Fuksbrauner is raising money to fund her investigation into the Baja Guajira, Columbia environmental crisis. They want a full view of the problem so they can develop solutions for their farming and water problems. They believe that with a sustainable solution, the people of Baja Guajira, Columbia will be able to flourish.

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