UHelp: Fundraising Strategies to Cope with the High Costs of Adopting a Child

Adoption wasn’t on her radar, but when Rachel Garlinghouse was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which puts pregnant women with the condition and their babies at risk, her path for starting a family took a dramatic turn.

Today, four children by way of adoption later, the mother from St. Louis understands the unpredictability of the process and the torture and joys endured along the way.

“People often tell couples experiencing infertility to 'just adopt,' as if it's quick and simple,” said Garlinghouse, a 35-year-old blogger for WhiteSugar, BrownSugar and the author of “The Hopeful Mom’s Guide to Adoption.” “Adoption is bittersweet, challenging, and difficult. But, it is also beautiful, wonderful, and joy-filled.”

Like Garlinghouse says, adoption is not always easy,  no matter how familiar prospective parents may be with the process. Far too many couples, once they are confident in their life-changing (though joyous) decision, aren’t quite sure where to start.

The first step typically involves choosing an adoption agency, which will go a long way in determining the financial aspects of finding a new child. Private agencies are expected to be more costly than public outlets and those expenses can build depending on specific situations, including legal fees or medical bills associated with the birth mother.

Adoption-agency fees can range from a few thousand dollars to more than $40,000; about half fall between $10,000- $30,000. Some outlets will offer a sliding fee scale where costs are based on income. Then there’s the cost of an attorney. Travel also becomes an additional expense when couples are required to commute to the birth country of the child they are adopting.

That said, adoption can force even the most financially secure to dig deep into personal pockets, which can be especially disarming if much has already been invested into infertility treatments. For those hopeful parents who can’t contemplate the idea of taking on such staggering debt, fundraising is a path to consider for easing the financial burdens of adoption.

UHelp.com is a free crowdfunding platform that removes some of the barriers and enables child-seeking couples to create and manage money-raising campaigns that can offset the insurmountable costs that too often keep children waiting for permanent homes.

Every year, thousands of children are adopted by generous and loving families. If you are considering adoption or currently going through the process, financial costs should not dissuade you from bringing a child into your home. Find the encouragement and support you need at UHelp.com.

About the Author: Staff writer for UHelp.com