Crowdfunding is Purr-fect Launching Pad for Flushable Cat Litter Box

Washing, scooping and tracking litter across the floor – the pet peeve of owners who love their cats, but hate the messy cleaning routine each day.

That’s what spurred a team of engineers to devise an automatic litter box that makes every day living for pet owners more efficient and comfortable. The idea of a flushable toilet for cats may seem ridiculous, but the fancy pet technology — dubbed Catolet — is currently crowdfunded at a price of $159.

Libby Hikind, founder and CEO of the free crowdfunding platform UHelp, says there is no shortage of entrepreneurs who are banking on crowdfunding campaigns on the internet to launch their new products.

“Crowdfunding is supporting inventions by securing capital beyond traditional means,” said Hikind. “The most effective campaigns will not only gauge the market for appeal, but actually build momentum behind an idea and connect backers directly to the new product.”

Catolet has done just that. Almost $61,000 has been pledged through the crowdfunding campaign and the new product's designers say they have amassed 100 percent of their required goal. The smart litter box automatically senses when a cat or small dog has finished its business and activates a self-cleaning conveyor belt that flushes away the waste. Like a human toilet, Catolet is connected to the local water supply and flushes into the sewage system

On UHelp when you have a new product design you can incorporate the first run of the new model into your Thank You Rewards.  Try to relate the perks to the item at hand, because they should match well to the interests of your target audience, that is most likely to contribute.

In this case, for example you might offer unique tee shirts or other items for animal lovers for lower price perks.  .

Every day after your campaign goes live on UHelp, campaign organizers and campaign team members receive a marketing tip – Day 3 is entitled, "Create Thank You Rewards (Perks for Contributions)" . Thank You Rewards are a great marketing strategy and an optional part of any campaign.

The UHelp system allows for up to five Thank You Rewards (Perks) for different donation amounts. Perk titles should be clever and clear. Be sure you can fulfill perks by calculating all costs to your campaign including shipping. Upload an image of the reward. Use words like “only 25 available” or “for the first 100 contributors” in your description. Connect your tangible and intangible perks to the purpose of the campaign.

For entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is another way of funding your ability to produce and market a new invention.  It is not a loan and does not have to be paid back. Crowdfunding is when a crowd of people believe in your ability to produce a well needed project and are willing to contribute their dollars to your campaign.  Why UHelp, above the other platforms? because you get to keep all the money you raise (no platform fee), with immediate access to your funds.


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