7 Ways to Get Sponsors for Your Fundraiser Event

7 Ways to Get Sponsors for Your Fundraiser Event

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Congratulations! Your nonprofit just decided to hold a fundraiser event. As you know, these events can generate a lot of visibility and donations for your nonprofit. Securing sponsors is an important part of the process. This can be a challenging task for nonprofits that are new to holding events. That’s why YouHelp compiled a list of tips to help get sponsors for your fundraiser event. 

1. You can reach out to donors who donated previously.

This is a good place to start. Not only do you already know these donors, but they already know you. They have contributed to your cause before, meaning they feel some kind of connection to the change you are working to make.  Ask them if they would be interested in sponsoring the event personally or as part of their business.

2. Reach out to a business that you know.

This can be a great way to get sponsors. For instance, do you frequent a certain bakery every Sunday? Maybe you get your taxes done by a CPA firm?  Do you regularly visit the local dentist? These potential sponsors are often overlooked. These are all contacts that you should approach. A lot of businesses will be more likely to support a cause if they know a member of the organization. Also, doing business with the member can make them likely to want to give back.

3. Attend local business networking events.

These networking events are great ways to meet potential sponsors. People go there with the expectation of generating new business and also helping out other local businesses and organizations.

4. Try online networking.

Securing sponsors in person can be very effective, but you don’t want to overlook the power of online networking. Post on your social media accounts that your nonprofit is seeking sponsors. Make sure to share your post with relevant groups and pages. Also, ask your colleagues to spread the message on their personal social media accounts.

5. Show sponsors what is in it for them.

Let them know about the exposure their name will be getting. Also, remind them that their donation will be tax-deductible. It is not only exposure but positive exposure. It helps the community see that the business is supporting nonprofit causes and giving back to the community

6. Reach out to like-minded businesses.

Let’s say you have a nonprofit that supports children. Some good fits for sponsorship could be a children’s clothing store, daycare, or a local pediatrician. These businesses deal with the same population, which can make them more likely to want to support your fundraiser. The sponsorship could provide a lot of exposure and potential new business for their businesses.

7. Look at sponsors from past events.

See if you can find past fundraiser events. Take a look at their sponsors and make a list. That’s a list of proven sponsors. You can approach them by phone, in person, on social media, or by email. Let them know what your nonprofit is about. If they have previously supported a similar cause, be sure to highlight that in your conversations with them.

Now that you have tips to get sponsors for your fundraiser event, the next step is to take action. You can start with just 1 or 2 tips, or maybe you’ll decide to be bold and try them all.  We wish you great success with your fundraiser event!