5 Ways to Incentivize Potential Donors for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations thrive on donors, grants and funding. A continuous stream of adequate funding is needed to continue day-to-day operations and keep programs up and running. However, it can be competitive and quite difficult to gain the funds needed for these organizations to succeed.

In many cases, organizations create crowdfunding campaigns to help secure additional funding when there is nowhere else to turn. Nevertheless, half the battle with crowdfunding is converting those who are looking at your campaign into those who make a donation.

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to increase donations is by incentivizing potential donors. Below, we’ve listed five ways to help inspire you.

Ideas to Incentivize Donors

1) Price-match donations of a certain amount.
For example; for every $50 donation someone makes, your organization will price match an additional $50.

2) Each donor that gives a certain amount automatically goes into a raffle draw.
For example; for every donation of $15 or more, the donor will go into the draw to win a free gift basket valued at $300!

3) Gifts for contribution tiers. You may want to offer different rewards based on how much someone contributes.
For example:
• Donate $25 and receive a free merchandise item
• $50 and receive a signed Limited Edition photo book
• $75 and receive x1 ticket to our Winter Charity Gala
• $100 and receive x2 tickets to our Winter Charity Gala

4) Donor incentive tiers. Let donors know where their donations will go and what work it will do.
For example:
• A $5 donation will help feed a dog for a week
• A $20 donation will help to vaccinate a dog
• A $50 donation will help to neuter a dog
• A $100 donation will help a dog to be adopted

5) Give your donors a public shout-out. You can even follow them on various social media platforms, giving them credit for their continued loyalty and support.

When brainstorming incentives, ensure you factor in shipping costs (if needed) and that you can actually fulfill orders. 

Tip: When you write your description for your incentives, a sense of urgency can help increase donations, ie: using words like “only 25 available” or “for the first 100 contributors”.

Overall, you want to help incentivize people to contribute to your campaign. Reward-based crowdfunding is extremely effective in raising the amount people are willing to contribute. Be creative and think of what perks and rewards you can offer.